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Sample Rental Agreement Form

Early Occupancy Addendum

Date: ___/___/_____

Tenant(s): ___________________________________________________________________


Owner: ______________________________________________________________________

Property Address: _____________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________ State: __________ Zip: ______________

Any term that is capitalized but not defined in this Early Occupancy Addendum, that is capitalized and defined in the Lease Agreement shall have the same meaning for the purposes of this Early Occupancy Addendum as it has for the purposes of the original Lease Agreement.

It is hereby agreed and understood that the above listed Tenant(s) will be initiating their Lease Agreement with a termination date of ___/___/_____ and a reference # _____________. The new Lease Agreement will terminate the existing Lease Agreement.

The new Lease Agreement will start with the above listed date and have a termination date of ___/___/_____ and a new reference # ______________.

Acknowledged and hereby understood and agreed:

Tenant: ____________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____

Tenant: ____________________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____

Owner: ____________________________________________________
By: Your Management Company, L.P.

Authorized Agent: ____________________________________________ Date: ___/___/_____

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Rental Agreement & Addendum

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