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School Attendance Letter Template

I need a probation letter for students who have poor attendance.

[At Your Business]
[35 West Main Street #1250]
[Frisco, Colorado 80443]
[(970) 485-0331]

[January 1, 2019]

Dear [Student Name]:

This letter is to notify that you have been placed on a [90 Day] probationary period due to poor attendance. Our records indicate between [September 1st, 2018] and [December 31st, 2018] that you were absent for [12] days and tardy for [8] days.

According to the Student Code of Conduct & Discipline Policy, any further unexcused tardy to class will result in (1) Student conference (2) Detention (3) Loss of class credit (4) Suspension.

According to the Student Code of Conduct & Discipline Policy, truancy, defined as an unexcused absence from class, will result in (1) Detention (2) Suspension (3) Expulsion recommendation.

[At Your Business] is making an effort to make sure all students fully benefit from the education provided by attending school regularly. Consistent attendance results in better academic performance and establishes a habit that demonstrates school is important every day.

We recognize students are absent for a wide variety of reasons, including health concerns and transportation problems. If you are facing challenges that prevent you from attending school regularly then please contact our administrative assistant to identify support services available and create an attendance plan.

The administrative assistant must be contacted for any future tardy or absent days at [(970) 485-0331]. Regular attendance will ensure your future success at school.




Editor's Notes
- June 19, 2019
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- 1 page letter template
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