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Sample Employee Background Check Form

Use this form when documenting your potential employees background before you present an offer for employement.

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Corporate Background Check Template

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Employee Background Check Form

Note to Hiring Manager: Before making an offer of employment in any position you are required to have a criminal background check completed on your final candidate. Some positions require additional screening. The Employment office will contact you as soon as the background check is complete.

Date: ____/____/______

Hiring Manager Name: _______________________________________

Department: ______________________________________________

Phone: _______________________________ Cell: _______________

Hiring Manager Signature: __________________________________

Type of Background Check:

[__] Criminal

[__] Employment

[__] Worker Compensation

[__] Motor Vehicle

[__] Credit Check

[__] Education

Applicant Information:

Position Applied For: ______________________________________

Date of Birth: ____/____/______

Last Name: _________________________________________________

First Name: ________________________________________________

Middle Name: _______________________________________________

Phone Number: _______________________Email: ________________

Social Security: ___________________________________________

Drivers License: ______________________State:______________

Permanent Address: _________________________________________

City: ___________________________State: ____ Zip: __________

Length of Time:_________________________

Please List Addresses For The Last Seven Years:

Address: ___________________________________________________

City: _____________________________State: ____ Zip: ________

Dates: ____/____/______ - ____/____/______

Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ____________________________State: ____ Zip: _________

Dates: ____/____/______ - ____/____/______

Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ___________________________State: ______ Zip: ________

Dates: ____/____/______ - ____/____/______

I hereby authorize all corporations, former employers, credit agencies, educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, city, state, county, and federal courts, military services, and persons to release information they may have about me to the person or company with which this form has been filed. This releases the above mentioned parties from any liability and responsibility for collecting the above information.

Signature of Applicant

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