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Monthly Bank Reconciliation Worksheet

You can use this Excel template to reconcile your monthly bank sattement. Reconciliation is a very important procedure of your cash control procedure that will verify the amount of cash you have in your checking account. The cash balance that is recorded on your books will never perfectly agree with the balance that is on your monthly bank statement due to the delay in checks and deposits being processed, automatic bank charges along with credits you may have recorded, and errors you may have made in your financial records. After you have prepared a monthly bank reconciliation you can feel confident that your account balance on your financial records is up to date.

Monthly Bank Reconciliation Template

Monthly Bank Reconciliation Worksheet

Bank Statement Date: ___/___/_____

Ending Balance from Bank Statement:    
Add Deposits in Transit:
Total Deposits in Transit:    
Subtract Outstanding Checks:    
Total Outstanding Checks:    
Computed Book Balance:    
Balance per Your Books:    
Difference: $0.00


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