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Blank Bid Quote Template

Use this Bid Document for writting your next bid response.

Bid Form

Bid Document


(Name of the Company or individual bidding on the project).


(Name of the Project that a bid is being placed on).

To: Project Owner

(Name of the Project Owner or individual who is receiving the bid).

[Project Owner's Address]

[City],[State] [Zip Code]

Dear _________________,
(Project Owner's Name).

I. Contract Price

I propose, as general contractor, to furnish all the labor and materials that are required to complete the above named project and to execute the project in strict conformity with all the plans, Invitation to Bid, and other specifications provided by the Project Owner. Also, all laws, statutes, ordinances, rules, or regulations of any governmental agencies or public authorities relating to the Project will be followed. For the sum of $________________________.

II. Time of Completion

I agree to execute a Contract for the above named Project, deliver the bonds that are required by the Contract, and to start work on the Project all within the times that are detailed in the Contract documents that are drawn up in relation to the Project. Work completion of the Project shall be within ____________________ working days, this excludes Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays, following the start of actual work on the Project unless delays are incurred due to causes that are mentioned in the Contract relating to the above mentioned Project.

III. Examination and Investigations

I do hereby acknowledge that I have performed the following:

I have carefully examined the specifications for the Project that have been provided by the Project Owner and reviewed all documentation that has been issued in connection with the Project including the following:





Finally, I have fully examined the work site where the Project will be carried out and have considered all conditions or limitations that exist or that may develop affecting the Project. I make this bid on the basis of the above examinations, inspections, and determinations and not on the basis of any representations or promises that the Project Owner or an agent of the Project Owner has made to me.

IV. Submission of Security

The following documents are attached and shall be incorporated to this Bid Form:






_______________________ Date_____
Signature of Bidder



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