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Blank Bid Invitation

Use this Bid Invitation template for bid solicitations.

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  1. Yosemite Nursery & Rock
  2. Verde Valley LLC
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  4. Econolive

Bid Procurement

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Bid Invitation

Your firm is invited to submit a bid for the following project:

[Project Name]



Project Description:

[General High Level Description of the Project]

Bid Due Date:


Project Contact Information:


[Phone Number & Email Address]

Bid Documents:

[Location of Bid Documents to be provided to Bidders]

Site Visit:

[Date and Location of Project Site]

Project Schedule:

[Approximate Timeline for Project]

Bid Response:

Please return your response by Fax or Email to [Name] at [Contact Information]

Also, please notify [Name] if you plan to bid on the above mentioned project.

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  1. LebCoCleaning Services
  2. Exercise Equipment Repair
  3. Maid To Clean Indy
  4. JusCleanIt

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