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Restaurant Birthday Gift Certficate Email Marketing Program

What do all of your existing and potential future customers have in common and how do you get more customers?


Answer: They all have birthdays and their number one choice for celebrating their birthday is at a restaurant. So the chances are that your customers are going to be celebrating their birthday at a restaurant. By recognizing their special day with an offer they cannot pass on you will increase your chances of seeing a return visit along with their friends and families.

It does not take a lot of money to start a restaurant birthday loyalty program. Start slow and build yourself up and you will see significant results over time. It is the most effective type of marketing per dollar spent.

The largest asset in any business is the relationships that are developed over time with customers. As a restaurant owner it is very important to continue building a close relationship with all your customers. An easy way to accomplish this is to develop a restaurant loyalty program based on birthdays and other relationship marketing.

Case Study:
Year 1 restaurant sales increase: +$75,000 (up 14%)

Year 2 restaurant sales increase: +$129,000 (up 20%)

Email Birthday Gift Certificate Template

Restaurant Birthday Email Gift Certificate

To _____________________

From ___________________

Date Issued ______________

Authorized By ____________

Value of $________________

City, State Zip Code
Phone Number
Web Site Address



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