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Being a food entrepreneur comes with several advantages. For one thing, you’ll get to follow your passion. Not only that but with food, you can start anywhere. For example, you can start a food truck, open up a small restaurant, or provide catering services. With that said, there are a few cons. For starters, there [...]

Americans drink an average of 400 million cups of coffee every day. In fact, over half of coffee drinkers would rather forgo a refreshing shower than their cup o’ joe. But would you feel the same if the pick-me-up liquid in your mug was tinged green? Green coffee beans are unprocessed, unroasted coffee beans. They [...]

The Sunshine Act came into existence as part of the Affordable Care Act in 2013. The Sunshine Act was a watershed moment that created transparency in the medical field. Financial relationships between medical providers and manufacturers became available to the public. The Sunshine Act resulted from a Senate probe that found that undisclosed payments to [...]

Are you or one of your loved ones getting older? It is a sad fact of life. What is great though is that people are living longer. If you are a boomer, one of the golden post-War generation, then your parents could well be in their 80s, 90s, or even 100s now. And you may [...]