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Do you feel uncomfortable in small spaces? You aren’t necessarily claustrophobic. According to the NCBI, the perception of light and spaciousness can have a psychological impact.  One way to remedy this is by altering the material texture of walls in a room, but there are many other ways to upgrade your interiors to promote mental ease.  Learn [...]

You’re looking to grow your business, so you decide to hire employees and expand your payment options for customers. But to do both of those things, you need the right payment system. If you don’t offer the right customer options, you can lose out on sales. And if you don’t automate employee payments, they may quit [...]

Do you want to write a book for kids? Doing so can bring great success. Children’s author J.K Rowlings, for instance, became a household name and earned $60 million.  But, not all writers make this kind of money. In fact, many of them struggle for any kind of recognition in this competitive business.  In order to find [...]

The competition between Intel and AMD for processor supremacy is heating up, which means there’s never been a better time to upgrade! While both companies offer affordable options, AMD is leading the industry in terms of a pure performance-to-dollar ratio thanks to two of its most popular processors, the AMD Ryzen 5 and its more [...]

According to a recent survey, about 45% of American workers consider their commute to and from work to be the worst part of their days. These people can’t stand the fact that they have to devote hours every week to commuting. One of the ways that your company might be able to make this issue more [...]