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Did you know most car owners in the US spend nearly $1000 each year on maintenance and repairs? And more than likely, your car won’t break down in a convenient location. You’ll need those repairs when you’re off the beaten track or in the middle of a busy freeway. Instead of being stuck up the [...]

Statistics show that 50 percent of new businesses fail within the first five years. Running a business is challenging. However, you shouldn’t let the statistics on failure frighten you. If you run your business in a smart and efficient manner you can succeed. These days hardly any business can survive without having some kind of [...]

With so much new technology coming out on a regular basis, it seems that everything about the way offices used to run is changing, including the type of phone systems they prefer using. Many small businesses throughout the world are choosing SIP trunking over other types of phone systems. In fact, revenue for the global [...]

Nearly 225 million Americans do some or most of their shopping online. And these numbers are predicted to grow over the next few years.  How can door to door salespeople compete with the world of e-commerce? There’s one thing that door to door sales have in common with e-commerce, and that’s convenience. The customer never has [...]