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Do you have fame but no fortune? Do great thoughts spring fully-formed from your head like popcorn? Do you ever wonder how celebrities make money once they are off camera? There is a whole industry tied to “renting” ideas, pretty faces, and intellectual property.  You might have heard the word, “royalties”. What are royalties? Copyrights, patents, trade [...]

You’ve worked for years to bring your dream business to life.  Whether you’re self-employed or manage a team of hundreds of people, you don’t want a lawsuit from a customer or a member of the public to destroy everything you’ve created.  That’s why you should get public liability insurance (PLI) before you even open your [...]

Employee training is crucial to business success. But, it hasn’t always been a focus in the business world. Past studies show that only 10% of employee training has been effective. But, recent trends say that things are changing. Businesses are putting more emphasis on how to train employees effectively. Training methods and practices are being revamped and modernized. [...]