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10 Plastic Surgery Marketing Tips To Kickstart Your Clinic’s Client List

10 Plastic Surgery Marketing Tips To Kickstart Your Clinic

Have no clue how to advertise your new plastic surgery clinic effectively? No problem. There are many ways in which you can develop a successful marketing strategy in your industry. Here are 10 plastic surgery marketing tips to help you build your client list from the ground up.

Ready to kickstart your clinic’s client list?

Need to start getting more clients ASAP?

If you’re getting started with a new plastic surgery clinic, it can sometimes be difficult trying to figure out how to market it successfully and build a client base. However, as long as you devote your time to the right strategies you can start getting plenty of new clients to your clinic on a regular basis.

Below we’ll look at the best plastic surgery marketing tips and strategies that will help you get more clients.

1. Build a Killer Website

The first thing you need to do for marketing your plastic surgery business is to take the time to develop an amazing website that gets results. Your website should be well-designed and needs to be a great resource that shows potential clients what you can do for them.

Make sure your website features amazing photos and is easy to navigate. Also, ensure it has a contact page or away for a potential client to get in touch.

Additionally, you should also list out all of your main services and procedures and explain them thoroughly. This type of content is essential and will allow potential clients to understand why they may need a certain procedure.

2. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

As part of creating a killer website you also need to have a content marketing strategy in place. Excellent content is essential for promoting a business online and can go a long way in getting more visitors to your website.

First of all, your content marketing strategy should consist of an excellent blog that is filled with educational, informative, and relevant content.

Using great blog content along with some great search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will help you provide value to your visitors while getting your website more search engine traffic. Then, as a result, you’ll also get more clients to your clinic.

However, don’t just limit your content strategy to a blog. There are many types of content you can use to promote your business including high-quality photos, infographics, videos, and more.

3. Improve Your Social Presence

Aside from maintaining an excellent website to promote your business, you also should maintain your social media presence. You need to set up some social media channels for your clinic and make sure you’re using them well.

Make sure that you’re staying active on any social media channels you’re on whether that includes Facebook, Twitter, or any others you choose to use. Use these platforms to connect with your potential client base in a friendly and down-to-earth way.

Social media can be a great way to promote your plastic surgery business so don’t be shy about using it. Take time every week to write on social media by sharing new blog posts, discounts, or special offers.

4. Try Search Advertising

There are many types of advertising techniques out there, but search advertising has become one of the most effective options in this day and age.

If done right, Pay per click (PPC) advertising can be effectively used to market your clinic. With PPC marketing, your ads will appear on search engine results pages and on other websites across the web.

These advertising tools can be targeted well and can be very cost-effective. You’ll usually only pay for the results you get from your campaign. Google AdWords is one popular program for doing this kind of advertising. Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter advertising programs can also be good options.

5. Don’t Underestimate Referral Marketing

Once you have a few of your first clients, you need to look for ways to use referral marketing. With referrals, you’ll be able to leverage your existing clients to get even more of them.

Many of these referrals happen naturally as a result of offering great services and doing your job well. However, you can improve upon this and encourage your current clients to give you even more referrals.

One way to do this is by creating a referral program in which you give a discount to clients who promote you to their friends. Alternatively, even simply making a request on social media for people to refer you to their friends can help as well.

6. Use Mobile Marketing

People are using their phones these days for just about everything and the majority of people always have their phone close to their side. Because of this, many businesses and healthcare organizations are turning to mobile marketing.

Using mobile marketing techniques, you can market to clients on their phones. This especially works well for existing clients, but there are ways to market to completely new faces as well.

Whether you’re marketing with SMS, through mobile apps, or using mobile advertising campaigns, you need to consider a mobile marketing campaign.

7. Prove Your Expertise

If you’re serious about marketing your clinic, it’s important to take the opportunity to prove your expertise to potential clients.

Make sure that you have an about page on your website that lists any degrees, qualifications, or specialties that you have when it comes to plastic surgery. A visitor to your site should understand why the doctors at your clinic are right for the job. Take a look at the website for Chau Plastic Surgery to get a good idea of how this looks in action.

Remember that you’re not just selling plastic surgery services but you’re selling services that are performed by a particular clinic run by experienced professionals.

8. Pay Attention to Online Reviews

One way to prove your expertise to potential patients is to make use of word-of-mouth marketing tactics and online reviews.

Online reviews on sites such as Yelp, Facebook, and Google, can have an effect on the success of your clinic. On these sites, previous patients can leave reviews on your clinic. Because of this, it’s important that your new patients are pleased with their results every time.

However, if there are any negative reviews online you may want to try to repair the damage by replying to them. Take the time to apologize or tell your side of the story on these review sites.

9. Explore Video Marketing

Video marketing is more popular than ever. It’s a good idea to make use of high-quality video content to promote your clinic online. A picture is worth 1000 words, but a great video is worth even more.

Using videos you can educate your patients on procedures, talk about your expertise, or provide value to them in some other way while promoting your practice.

Videos also have the potential to spread like wildfire, so make sure you’re incorporating them into your marketing plan for the best results.

10. Have a Follow-Up Plan

Once you start getting a few clients, you need to have a follow-up plan to make sure you stay in their minds. Having a plan will allow your clients to remember you and come back if they need more work done later on. It will also make them more likely to promote you to their friends.

It’s great to use either mobile marketing, email marketing, or even an occasional phone call to stay in touch. Have a plan after their appointment to reach out. You may consider taking a survey about their experience or asking if they have any comments.

By following up on an appointment you’ll stay on their mind while also making them feel well taken care of.

Ready to Succeed With Plastic Surgery Marketing?

By now you should realize that there are a lot of options and approaches to take with plastic surgery marketing. Consider using some of the strategies above if you want to have the best chance of creating a thriving practice that continues being a success year after year.

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