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10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Health Company’s Consumer Base

61% of marketers say lead generation is the most difficult challenge to businesses. Acquiring new customers and keeping them coming back is a top priority. Forming a strong customer foundation is key to long-term growth and success.

The most valuable customers are those you acquire naturally. This will require a hands-on approach to lead generation. Buying ad space can increase your customer base, but your mileage may vary. If you don’t have a strong inbound marketing strategy, you may never achieve the level of success you want.

If you want a reliable, consistent stream of leads, then this guide is for you. Follow these ten simple ways to increase your health company’s customer base.

1. Give Valuable, Relevant Content

Vitality Healthcare is a good example of how your web content should look like. You have the latest news, advice, and healthcare guides to educate consumers. You want an informed customer base to succeed in the healthcare industry.

You will build trust and credibility by delivering useful content and sharing it online. Good content gets noticed more than “clickbait” with rehashed news and pop culture topics. Don’t focus on short-term gains when it comes to content.

Publishing “evergreen content” is how you will perform well on Google and social media. Make everything you publish shareable from day one and years to come.

2. Keep Information Accurate

A good editor will keep typos, broken links, and outdated information at bay. Your website should also receive an overhaul periodically to avoid expired information. Updating your ‘about’ page, FAQs, and contact info are especially important.

It’s a sad, but a common, occurrence that small businesses let slip by. The wrong address, phone number, business hours, or social media links cannot happen. Sending potential customers to dead-ends is a bad impression.

If your website doesn’t have an ‘about us’ page or clear contact info section: make those changes now!

3. Accessibility

Use one of the best advantages you have over large corporations: accessibility. Consumer bases are built off the personal interactions between owners, management, and customers. Being accessible means putting in the effort to answer any questions or comments.

You don’t need to stay online for hours on end, but you should try to get a few replies in daily. This is important when starting out because it sets a precedent of transparency and empathy. Customers want to know that their voices count.

You can use social media managers, interns, and even chatbots to help handle higher volumes. Make sure you’re not deferring all your responses to others, though. Personal interactions develop loyal, long-term customer bases.

4. Rewards/Discounts

Offer incentives to increase returning customers. You can do this with an email marketing campaign or conditional deals. Through modern customer retention tactics, you can incentivize them to influence lifetime value.

Time-sensitive discounts, holiday, anniversaries, and local events all offer opportunities for lead generation.  

5. Marketing Automation

In today’s competitive digital landscape, automation is required to keep your sanity. There is too much to keep track of and analyze to keep ahead of the curve. Marketing automation tools allow for a nearly five-fold increase in leads. 

For example, using Buffer to schedule your content drip on social media. This reduces the amount of personal time invested in daily online management. You can’t abandon this function of marketing if you want to compete.

As a result of using automation software, you’ll glean a lot of useful information. Your marketing strategy will evolve as you learn more about your customer demographics.

6. Email Marketing

This is a requirement if you want to succeed at growing your customer base online. Capturing emails of all your customers is a given. You’ll also want to try to acquire emails from prospective customers, too.

To do this, you need to create marketing campaigns that engage your consumer base. You can do this through newsletters, product PSAs, or free online courses. Email marketing software and email templates help keep you engaged with all of your leads at the same time.

7. Reviews and Testimonials

You should strive to get customer feedback built up as much as possible. Customers tell your company’s story and produce free, high-quality leads. Take a selection of these reviews and use them to promote your brand as testimonials.

Positive reviews aren’t the only one of value. Customers often get suspicious when there aren’t any truly negative reviews on any business profile. Take a proactive approach and send follow-up emails a week after purchase to leave a review.

8. Word-of-Mouth

A referral is a huge compliment and a clear path for you to build your client base. Numerous organizations use referral promoting on the grounds that it encourages them to produce quality leads. Which means getting leads that are probably going to convert to sales.

How does it work like that? Referral campaigns work since they depend on a dimension of trust. Data, organizations, and deals shared by a companion are believed beyond what any promotion you can put out yourself.

This behavior is exemplified with Influencers and the whole marketing industry surrounding them.

9. Social Media Ads

Facebook ads offer the ability to create targetted ads. Each time you run an ad campaign, your accuracy improves. Your cost per lead comes down and your conversion rates go up.

10. Know Your Consumer Base

If you walk away remembering anything, let it be that analytics is power. Knowing who your target demographics are will help set expectations. You need a reasonable comprehension of the particular wants and desires of your customer base. 

This will assist with capturing leads from your competition and take advantage of buyer trends.

Increase Your Client Base Online

Now you know what it takes to target leads in a consumer base. Lead generation is not a one-and-done strategy, it’s an ongoing process. For that reason, you should consider hiring an agency or consultant who can form a plan to grow.

Spending your marketing budget intelligently is better than saving a few bucks and going with the flow.