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4 HVAC Industry Trends Small Business Owners and Contractors Should Watch

Did you know that the average HVAC repairs cost homeowners between $150-$450? With homeowners spending this much on an average repair, you want to make sure that your company is the first one they call when they have an issue. Learning about the industry trends will help ensure that you stand out from other businesses in the same niche. 

Keep reading to learn all about the latest trends that will shape the future of the HVAC world. 

1. Technology Will Continue to Grow

A major trend to keep an eye out for is the number of Wi-Fi-enabled household appliances. As old appliances break and people shop for a new stove, television, stereo, refrigerator, etc. they will come across “smart home” devices. Eventually, more people will have more of these appliances in their homes.

This means that you want to make sure that your business offers the latest line of Wi-Fi enabled products and experts that can properly install and repair them.  

2. Smart Thermostats

This is another trend that you want to make sure you add to your services. Smart thermostats can detect temperature, motion, humidity, etc. This allows customers to customize and automate their heating and cooling needs via an app on their phones, Google Home, or Alexa. 

People love having the ability to control everything from one simple device. Customers also love that they can have the ability to control everything no matter where they are, even if they are not home. 

3. Personal Touch

Consumers are now expecting a lot more from your business. They expect customer service reps to know their contact history and their purchase history as soon as they call in. This is why you want to make sure that your customer relationship management (CRM) is up to par. 

You want to collect customer and job information to, later on, use as leverage to customize your future marketing. If you need help with staying on top of your customer service you can check out online marketing for HVAC companies to help you. 

4. Geothermal Heat Pump

There are more customers going for eco-friendly solutions. Geothermal heat pumps are a perfect solution to warm up and cool down houses for a long time while being eco-friendly. There is currently a tax credit from Congress for this technology which will make this trend more popular in the near future.

Once the HVAC industry begins to gain momentum for geothermal heat pumps, you want to make sure your shop is ready to install and service these pumps. 

Feeling Like an HVAC Industry Trends Expert?

Now that you have the top HVAC industry trends, you can make sure that you stay ahead of the game when it comes to your competition. As a business, you can determine your success by ensuring that you and your employees are on top of the latest.

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