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4 Reasons You Need Secure User Provisioning

If you use multiple applications that require various credentials, look no further.

Many businesses use several apps because they have to do a variety of tasks to function properly. While this allows a business to get a lot done, their employees often forget passwords or have access to things they shouldn’t have.

All of this can be prevented with a user provisioning system. But what is provisioning? A user provisioning system is designed to manage the access that users have. They allow administrators to manage all accounts from one platform.

Read on to learn more about user provisioning systems and their benefits.

1. Improved Productivity

Secure access provisioning is designed to allow users to use their credentials from a single application. When a user opens an application, their username and password will be filled by automated user provisioning

You can combine multiple provisioning systems to keep credentials together across several platforms. Administrators will be able to administer all accounts so that users don’t have to remember their passwords.

2. Greater Security

While a user provisioning system makes it easier to log in to applications, there are several security policies put in place to prevent a breach. For example, administrators can’t see the passwords of the users but can manage their rights.

User provisioning systems are also equipped with HTTPS to provide secure phone calls to businesses. Additionally, the system can provide you with a secure location because it can imitate other locations when you’re calling, so no one can trace your calls.

3. Streamlined Administration

In the past, administrators would manage accounts across several applications. With secure provisioning, admins can provision and manage the accounts from one system.

Rather than having to update users whenever changes to the system are made, user accounts will be updated to reflect changes. This allows users to log in even when there are changes made to their application credentials.

4. Reduce Expenses

Because administrators can manage all accounts from a centralized system, you’ll be able to save money or put it elsewhere. Administrators won’t be spending long hours managing and updating accounts.

Investing in a user provisioning system can save you more money in the long run, providing that you continue to use it. Without one, you’ll have to spend more money on management, which could go to other areas of your network administration.

Invest in a User Provisioning System Today

A user provisioning system is all about saving time and money. Depending on how many applications you use, you’ll have to remember a variety of usernames and passwords. This can become difficult the more apps you use. 

With a user provisioning system, you can access your applications without having to remember your information. Administrators can manage your rights without seeing your passwords, and your phone calls will be more secure.

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