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4 Things You Need to Know About Mastering SEO for Car Dealerships

Mastering SEO for Car Dealerships

Do you run a car dealership? Maintain a website and need to increase traffic? Click here to learn what you need to know about SEO for car dealerships.

Think of your website as being your online showroom.

75% of people never check results beyond the first page of Google results. How do you make sure your site appears on that first page?

By using SEO.

There’s lots of information online about SEO. But using SEO for car dealerships requires a different set of principles than marketing as a business coach or a graphic designer.

Let’s look at the four things you need to master to bring in new traffic to your car dealership website.

1. Get Involved with Local SEO

Unlike graphic designers or virtual assistants who can work with clients all over the world, car dealerships are better served by their local community.

People searching for a used car would be more interested in results from their local area than another state or country. Help to flag where you are by adding your location to various pages on your site.

Claim your free listing on Google My Business. Encourage reviews on sites like YellowPages.

If someone searches for “used car Minnesota,” then you’re more likely to show up if you sell used cars in Minnesota.

2. Build Backlinks from Trusted Websites in Your Area

Google uses backlinks to your site from other websites as signals of your site’s quality. So links to your site from YellowPages help.

But buying backlinks from link farms or low-quality websites is more likely to harm your SEO than help it.

Try to build backlinks from trusted websites. Look to your local community. Can you sponsor a local event and get your link added to the local newspaper’s website?

Those websites are viewed as “trusted” sites, so Google will look favorably on the backlinks.

3. Use Optimized URLs for Each Page

Google’s search results depend on Google’s ability to find the information it needs. Using search terms in the headline of each page is one way to help it do this.

You should also use those search terms on the page itself. That way, Google knows precisely what the page is about.

But there’s one final place you should use your search terms. And that’s in the “slug” part of your URL. The slug is the part that changes for each page or blog post.

Say someone is searching for a used Toyota car. Having “Toyota” in the URL is a shiny flag for Google that your page is useful to serve up in searches.

4. SEO for Car Dealerships Also Involves Your Website Design

Google’s recent changes mean it prioritizes websites that provide a great user experience.

Say a searcher lands on your website and leaves immediately because the site is full of popups that obscure what they’re looking for. Google will stop recommending that site because it offers a bad user experience.

Minimize clutter so searchers can find information. Check your site works well on mobile. Make sure your page loads quickly so searchers don’t get bored waiting and click away.

These 4 Tips Will Help You Get Started

Google’s algorithms change regularly.

When you’re using SEO for car dealerships, you’ll need to keep an eye on anything that impacts your traffic. But armed with the tips in this post, you can start an SEO strategy and bring in new customers within days.

If you’re just starting your business, you might wonder what the next steps are.

We can help. Check out our list of business setup forms for inspiration!