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5 College Business Ideas You Can Start from Your Dorm

Studies have shown that about 70% of college students work while they’re in school. And roughly 25% of them work what amounts to a full-time schedule.

If you want to make some money while you’re in college, you could run down to the local fast-food joint and get a job. But you might also want to consider starting your own business from the comfort of your dorm room.

Here are five college business ideas that you can pursue while you’re in college to bring in a few extra bucks every month.

1. Childcare Company

When most people hear the word “babysitter,” they associate it with high school kids. But if you have a background in babysitting, there’s no reason why you can’t continue to provide childcare during your college years.

Watching kids in your dorm room isn’t the best idea. But there are likely lots of kids who live within walking distance of your school.

Think about offering up childcare services to busy parents in your area who need a break every now and then. You might even be able to recruit your most trustworthy classmates to watch kids for you in exchange for a portion of the proceeds you bring in.

2. Dog Walking Company

Would you prefer to watch over dogs as opposed to kids?

If you have experience grooming dogs, you might be able to launch a mobile dog grooming business with some initial seed money. You can spend your free time traveling around in your area grooming dogs for their owners.

You can also offer to walk dogs in the vicinity of your school every day for a small fee. If you’re able to find a dozen or so dog owners who need their dogs walked, you can generate good money without having to worry about many overhead costs.

3. Cleaning Company

A lot of the top home cleaning services in the country were launched by those operating out of their homes and even their dorm rooms.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you might be able to launch a successful cleaning company of your own. By investing a little money into great cleaning equipment and supplies, you can rack up clients in no time and get your cleaning company off the ground.

4. Graphic Design Company

You can start a childcare company, a dog walking company, or a cleaning company from your dorm room. But you’ll have to leave your dorm room if you want them to succeed.

That won’t be the case with a graphic design company. Outside of sometimes meeting with clients in public places, you can run this kind of company right from your dorm room.

You can design websites, flyers, and so much more for those inside and outside of your college community and bring in a lot of money doing it if you’re good at it.

5. Reselling Company

If you have some money that you can invest in your company, this could very well be the best of the college business ideas listed here.

A reselling company buys products, like sneakers and clothing, for one price and turns around and resells them for a much higher price. As long as you know the right products to buy, you could reap big financial rewards in the reselling game.

Use One of These College Business Ideas to Your Advantage

You might not have a ton of real-world business experience when you’re in college. But you don’t have to be super experienced to try these college business ideas out.

You’ll learn a lot about running a business when you launch one of them. And who knows? You might even find that there is a future in expanding your business after college and continuing to run it.

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