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5 Easy Roofing Marketing Tips That Will Ensure More Clients

With even repairs to roofing running a lot of homeowners several thousands of dollars, a lot of companies are vying for that business. If you’re trying to stay ahead of competitors, you need to learn some tricks in the world of roofing marketing.

Here are three way to ensure you stay ahead of your competition when trying to connect with homeowners.

1. Social Media Matters

If you’re aiming to boost the marketing for your roofing company, you might not think to turn to social media first. However, with most marketing moving to apps, smartphones, and online connectivity platforms, social media matters more than ever.

The cost of marketing services for just about every company is going up, but social media is one way you could have killer marketing for next to nothing.

Social media platforms are turning from being primarily text-based to privileging images and photos above everything. In the world of roofing, photos can say a lot more than a text post can, given that you get to show people real results. Writing about the abstract idea of what makes your roofing company great is simple, but nothing beats showing people what you’re saying.

Use Instagram and other social media apps to get the word out, in photos.

2. Start a Blog

When people use a search engine, they’re either looking for a specific service or the answer to a question. With the help of a blog, you get to balance both needs with an informative text that offers your services as the solution to their problems. A blog is a great way to talk about what your services can do while also offering an insight into your roofing company.

Most people pump the brakes before they shell out hundreds or thousands to fix their roof. It’s a costly venture and people want to know if there are other options before they dive in. Offer them a few at home or DIY solutions to help deal with their roofing issue that might keep things together until they can afford a fix.

3. Stay Local

If you want to build an audience online for your roofing business, you can’t work to attract an audience that’s halfway across the globe. While it feels nice to see traffic spike and to get those hits on your site, they won’t translate into dollars.

In order to get visits to turn into dollars, you need to capture your most local audience. Take advantage of local SEO tactics that entail dropping terms into your blog posts about where you’re located and what services you offer. Mention your city, neighborhood, or the region where you serve so that search engines can match nearby searches to you.

See how JZ Roofing of Chicago, Inc makes use of their location to attract a local audience.

Roofing Marketing Gets the Word Out

When you’re doing roofing marketing right, you ensure that you’re getting the word out about your business in an organic way. By offering lots of quality content, you ensure that your local audience is able to see your name over and over and check out tips on how to improve their home.

If you’re still working on building your company, check out our guide to build your company right.