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5 Fun Lesson Plans for Kids This Summer

Summer is here and school is out which means that your little ones are going to be without an educational structure for a few months. Unless, of course, you take on the role of teacher- which could be way more fun than it sounds! And it’s important to keep the kids learning new things all year round so they won’t be behind schedule when it’s time to return back to class.

If being a teacher for the summer seems like too big of a task then keep reading to find out how simple it could be. Check out these 5 fun lesson plans that you can use for your kids this summer below.

1. Money Management Math Lesson

Even the smallest of children know exactly what money is and at least have a clue of what it’s used for. Well, this is your chance as a parent to teach them the real value of managing money while simultaneously teaching fundamental math skills, such as adding and subtracting decimals.

There are a few different ways to carry out money management math and it’s one of the best lesson plans to spread out across the entire summer. You can separate weeks based on what you’d like to show them and then allow them to continue the habits on their own while checking in periodically.

For instance, you could start with a week on saving and focus on adding up money to get to a particular sum over a certain period of time. It may work best to encourage your child to set a savings goal for an item that they really want at the beginning of the summer. Then they can come up with a mathematical plan to acquire the funds.

Also, you can use substitute items, such as fake money, tokens or colored chips, for younger children if you prefer. Try setting up daily chores that they can do to earn a certain amount to encourage them to add up potential earnings.

For younger children try setting up fake stores or labeling items with prices around the house and providing them with an amount to spend during their pretend shopping so that they’ll be able to practice subtraction.

2. Recyclable Art Lesson

Here’s a great way to get children involved in saving the planet while having fun. This is one of the more simple lesson plans that allow you and your child to get really creative. Choose one recyclable item each week to make an art project out of.

Be sure to emphasize the importance of recycling to your child. Give them information about various issues that the planet is facing regarding pollution and contamination. This will help them with developing a more deliberate approach to the way they interact with the environment in general.

Some great projects, to begin with, could be as small as making potted plants with plastic bottles or projectors from old cardboard boxes. Venturing out into the neighborhood often will help to expand their minds on the subject.

Also, show the young people nonprofit charities that help with fighting to save the planet and maybe even get them signed up to do some community service.

3. Opinion Essay Writing 

Everyone knows how opinionated children can be- no matter how much they actually know about a subject. Well, this summer fun lesson plan will help with teaching kids how to put their opinions into written form. Almost any age can participate in this activity.

Basically, you give your child a prompt, such as “why mom should allow us to stay up later during the summer”, and let them write their essay. The writing prompts should be something they really care about so that they’ll be more inclined to write well enough to persuade you. This is the time to add in lessons on persuasive writing, structuring essays, grammar, punctuation and healthy debates.

Your house might be a politic arena this summer but at least the kids will be learning.

4. Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

This one sounds overly complicated and confusing but it’s a very cool science thing that the kids will enjoy. Kids will perform various science labs for hands-on experience to find out about photosynthesis, which is the process of how plants and other organisms use the sunlight to make chemical energy.

Lessons like this are great for teaching kids about life cycles, energy production and just how amazing and giving nature is for humans. You can check out more info here if you’re interested in this but need a little more guidance yourself.

5. Animals & Natural Habitats

Some of the best summertime lesson plans are the ones that promote going out of the house to get the education. This is definitely one of those types of curriculums. Your child (and probably you as well) will learn all types of fun and exciting facts about how animals engage with their natural habitats.

The thing is you’ll need to take the kiddies to the habitats in order for them to observe and analyze the animals. You can start local at parks, ponds, creeks, rivers, and even dirt roads if you’re in a dryer area. Also, allow them to research animals they’d like to look for and ask them questions about their findings afterward.

Taking some trips to the zoo and aquarium are also options for teaching them about animals. Be sure to use plenty of pictures in your lessons when working with smaller children.

Enjoyed These Lesson Plans?

You don’t have to be the best teacher in the world to show your children something new. You just need a few good lesson plans, some excitement and maybe a little extra patience. At the end of the day, your children are enjoying their time spent with you and being educated.

If you’ve started some summer projects to work on with your young people this summer, we would love to hear about it. Leave us a comment below to tell us about how your family is teaching their kids this summer.