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5 Key Features of Profitable Vacation Rentals Websites

In 2019, about 100 million Americans took a vacation.

With so many people on the move and vacationing away from home, they’ll need somewhere to stay. Many will stay in hotels, but plenty of others will seek out vacation rentals to enjoy their time in. A rented home, even when it’s not your own, is cozier than a hotel any day of the week.

To find homes available to rent, people need vacation rentals websites. If you want to ensure your leads convert into customers, you need a flawless website design that guides a person through the sales funnel.

Let’s take a closer look at several key features that will help ensure your rentals website is profitable.

5 Important Features of Vacation Rentals Websites

Nothing makes a person hesitate more before a purchase than a website flaw.

If anything makes your customer wary, they will bounce off your website fast and take their business to your competition. That’s why it’s so important to get your vacation rentals website right.

If you lack the know-how or time to create your own website, hire a professional. There are digital marketing agencies that can build you the website of your dreams. For example, Magnetic Strategy specializes in vacation rental web design.

Here are five key features you should pay extra attention to:

1. Know Your SEO

It won’t matter how glorious your website is if no one can find it on the internet.

You must utilize SEO into your web pages and blog content. This means researching keywords you want to rank for. Be sure to include longtail keywords and also local keywords to help increase your ranking factor. 

2. Mobile Friendly

It’s expected that by 2021 over 53.9% of shopping will be done on a mobile device.

If you want your business to attract this traffic, your site will need optimizing to operate at peak efficiency on a smartphone. Now that Google has instated mobile-first indexing, it’s important to test your site out. Make sure all pages load fast on a smartphone and that formatting displays correctly.

3. Aesthetic

Even the most luxurious rental property will lose out on bookings if the website is a monstrous mess. Your website needs to be as beautiful as your vacation rental home. Make use to high-res photos of the property, ensure the UX and UI of the website are perfect, and that everything looks nice.

4. Sales Funnel

Customers want a seamless experience from start to finish.

Make sure you have a direct booking engine installed on your website. Customers shouldn’t have to leave your website to finish booking the vacation rental. If you have traffic on your landing pages, but people are leaving right before the purchase, check where your sales funnel could be improved.

5. Call to Action

There should be some form of CTA on all of your landing pages and at the end of each blog post.

Your CTA should spur a customer to sign up for a newsletter, read other blog posts, book lodging, or whatever else you desire. Make it easy for the customer to take action on your site.

Bring in Customers

Design your website to have a beautiful layout and optimize it for SEO and sales conversion. Do that and you’ll be fast on your way to owning profitable vacation rentals websites.

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