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5 Natural Mood Enhancers to Improve Your Quality of Life

5 Natural Mood Enhancers

Natural mood enhancers are a great way to help you get through the day. Check out these five that can improve your life.

Balancing your work and personal life doesn’t have to be a matter of doing multiple, separate efforts. There are plenty of resources – like natural mood enhancers and healthy daily habits – that can improve your quality of life wherever you are.

Such tools have the potential to create better productivity levels and encourage creativity and innovation at work. They can also make you a generally happier, more easy-going person outside of your professional role.

For a better understanding of how mood enhancers and your work environment go hand in hand, check out the list below. The following are five things you can easily make use of at work while benefiting your quality of life as a whole.

1. Meditation

Meditation isn’t always a person sitting on a yoga mat or in a spiritual space for hours on end.

Meditation at work can be as simple as closing your eyes for a few minutes and focusing on a topic that you’re passionate about and want to encourage more of, like gratitude or joy.

This can easily be done while you tackle your to-do list at your desk or during your lunch break. The real power of meditation has nothing to do with where you are physically – it’s all about entering a calm, peaceful place in your mind.

In fact, there are a handful of apps available to make natural mood enhancers like more available! Simply download a meditation app that seems interesting to you and try using it a few times throughout your workday.

You’ll be surprised to see just how a few minutes of meditation here and there can clear your mind and improve your focus. Such benefits significantly improve how you perform at work.

2. Essential Oil Diffusers

As beneficial as meditation can be, if you don’t keep up with it, its effects aren’t as easy to notice. You may have a wonderful five-minute session with your meditation app only to have it ruined with a pile of stress that hits you in a team meeting right after.

To keep your cool throughout the day, try natural mood enhancers like essential oils. Essential oil diffusers are popping up in office spaces all over right now, and for good reason.

These tools use the practice of aromatherapy to calm, relax, focus, or energize you. Such results depend on the kind of essential oil you use.

Whatever you want to achieve, though, be sure to get the right diffuser for the job. Many diffusers are made to be silent so as to not disrupt the people working around you or yourself.

If you find yourself enjoying this mood-enhancing method, explore other ways to use essential oils.

Some can be applied directly to the body for better focus or mental stimulation, which is what many people rub peppermint oil on their temples for. Other essential oils can be consumed with food or drinks for further benefits, too.

3. Connect with Nature

Essential oils are a powerful product of nature that can totally transform the quality of your work life and personal lifestyle as well. Sometimes, though, you just need to connect with nature in the most direct form possible!

A few ways to do this while at work include:

  • going for a walk outside during your lunch break
  • eating lunch on a park bench
  • setting up your office in a way that points your desk towards the windows
  • creating more natural light for the entire office (if you have the power to)
  • having a few plants on or around your desk

Some of these suggestions may be more feasible than others, depending on the line of work you do and how high up on the ladder you are. But, they are still some great practices to consider; even just one succulent on the corner of your cubicle can brighten your day.

4. Dietary Changes

When thinking of natural mood enhancers, food may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Actually, what you eat plays a big role in how you feel.

Are you known for being the caffeine connoisseur of your office? Do you eat a lot of processed, unhealthy food due to your slammed schedule?

It may be time to become more mindful of what you put into your mouth.

As delicious as coffee can be, there’s a reason you’re feeling tired and unmotivated when 3:00 PM rolls around – it’s because you’re on a caffeine come-down. This causes you to grab yet another cup of coffee, which is a vicious cycle to stop.

Additionally, foods that have been overly-processed often slow down the body. Effects like this are due to the extra work your digestive system has to put into breaking down processed items. This is energy that could otherwise be used to support oxygen flows and neural functions, which maintain your focus and productivity.

Try switching out your afternoon coffee for more water, or at least cutting down on the amount of caffeine you consume in a day. Instead of eating processed junk all the time, plan ahead and make a more wholesome, balanced meal.

These natural mood enhancers are more available to you than you may think. It’s all a matter of watching what you eat and creating a balance between all the foods you enjoy.

5. Community Support

Sometimes, improving your quality of life at work comes down to making better connections with the people around you. No matter if you’re a freelancer, a small business owner, a serial entrepreneur, or an entry-level employee, you need a community you can count on.

Healthy work relationships are one of the most effective natural mood enhancers to have throughout your career. These turn coworkers ranked above, alongside, and below you into people you trust, respect, and know you can count on.

If you’re a leader of a team of employees, it’s even more important for you to foster community.

Make sure all your people know they are heard and respected.

Provide them with a list of resources they can make use of if they ever need extra support. Such tools may range from HR practices and hotline numbers to more in-depth services like those available at Muse Treatment.

Bringing Natural Mood Enhancers into the Workplace

Whether you’re an executive employee or just starting out in your career, there’s a certain level of responsibility on you to maintain a healthy work environment. This is crucial to the success of your own efforts and those of the teammates around you.

Luckily, natural mood enhancers can help create a safe, welcoming space for all.

Implement a few of the practices mentioned above and notice how your employee performance levels rise as a result. For resources to help you track productivity and other performance measures, click here.