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5 Obscure Sports You Can Bet on Now

Did you know that legalized sports gambling passed $10 billion this past July?

Are you looking to bet on unique sports you haven’t tried before? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over popular and obscure games to check out.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

1. Curling 

You can bet on two teams or single players competing against each other. If you have a strong curling knowledge base, try this sport out. Research previous results to decide on the likeliest victors in future matches. 

2. Motorsports

Are you an adrenaline lover? If so, consider betting on motorsports. It’s one of the fastest-growing spectator sports. You can choose from NASCAR, Formula One, or MotoGP. 

Formula One races use a points system to decide the champion driver. NASCAR has three racing series.

Choose the Camping World Truck Series, Nationwide Series, or the Sprint Cup Series. There are over 1,500 races every year. You’ll have plenty of betting opportunities. 

Do you prefer bikes? Then check out the MotoGP World Championship. 

3. Cornhole

Two platforms face each other on either side of the court. You need to throw corn-filled bags into a hole in the platform.

You can still earn points for landing the bag on the board. This is a social game that has popped up in bars across the states. Sometimes, a ceremonial wager’s made on friends at the local country fair.

4. Esports

For traditional sports fans, this might seem a bit different. Yet, esports are super popular. Online sportsbooks will offer odds on tournaments like they would for the Super Bowl.

Make bets on a tournament winner. The most popular tournament is the League of Legends World Championship. Another famous one is called the Call of Duty World League Championship.

5. Arm Wrestling

Did you know arm wrestling is a sport? Arm wrestling tournaments occur all over the world. This sport isn’t super dramatic, but it’s still a lot of fun.

The pacing of matches makes them difficult to capture for television. Check out a local tournament for a change.

6. Harness Racing

Harness racing is a popular sport in parts of the US and Europe. A horse’s hitched to a two-wheeled cart controlled by the jockey.

Harness racing is different from traditional thoroughbred racing because any horse can race.

It’s a popular gambling sport in Finland and Sweden. A famous wager’s called V75. Gamblers choose five or seven horses to win in a row.

7. Badminton

Badminton is a popular sport featured on top sports channels. You can go online and find sportsbooks. You can bet on what you think the score will end up being.

If you’d like to find more sports, check out https://nj.unibet.com/sports. Try betting on a different sport the next time you’re hanging out with friends.

Sports You Can Bet on

We hope this guide on obscure sports was helpful. These new sports you can bet on will keep you entertained.

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