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5 Photography Marketing Ideas That’ll Creatively Promote Your Content

Do you want to promote your content in new and exciting ways that’ll make you stand out from the competition and get noticed? Take a look at these photography marketing ideas for inspiration.

Photography – either as a side gig or a full-time job – is an awesome profession. You can make your own hours, get to be creative, and often get access to fun parties.

Because being a photographer is so fun, there’s a lot of competition in the field. There are about 41 million photographers all competing for good gigs.

To get work, you’ll need to be smart about marketing yourself. Check out this list of photography marketing ideas to find out ways to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Volunteer Your Services

You should be paid for your services, but if you’re looking to start out in the business, one of the best photography marketing ideas is to volunteer.

Look for any local events coming up. Offer to take photos for free and add that to your resume.

Build An Email List

Email is an incredibly effective tool for driving interest in your business.

In fact, ROI from email is 28% higher than direct mail and produces 174% more conversions than social media.

Here are some photography marketing ideas to take advantage of email opportunities:

  • Make it easy on yourself – automate your emails
  • Personalize and tailor it to your specific audience
  • Write engaging copy

With a little work, you can make email one of the best tools in your photography marketing playbook. Remember to always keep tweaking it to get the best results.

Make An Online Portfolio

This is the most obvious tip, but many are intimidated with creating an online portfolio.

Want to know how to market your photography online? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Purchase and register your domain
  • Create a website with an easy program like WordPress
  • Upload your best shots
  • Make the website easy to use
  • Clearly state your contact information

Check out a site like Mike Sansone Photography to see how it’s done.

Get Social

Having active social media will help your customers find you. Plus, you’ll have an easy way for customers to reach out to you.

Just like email, you can automate your social media posts so you can set it and forget it. Tag your clients in photographs and encourage them to share your work.

Some social sites – like Instagram – are perfect for marketing a photography business.

Be Smart About Advertising

Once you get a cash flow going, reinvest that money into advertising, both traditional and digital.

Some important photography marketing ideas when it comes to advertising: be smart about where you spend your money. Go to where your audience is.

Looking to do weddings? Advertise at wedding expos. Want to take baby photos? Target new moms with Facebook ads.

Photography Marketing Ideas and Beyond

At Your Business wants to see you succeed in everything that you do. If you need anything like forms and templates or tax advice for your small business, we’re here for you.

Whatever kind of tips, tricks, and other photography marketing ideas you’re looking for, we’ve got it. Need help navigating the pitfalls of starting a new business or hiring a new employee? Contact us today and we’ll guide you through this exciting new journey!