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5 Reasons Why Business Owners Need to Consult a Lawyer

Research shows that most business owners will face the threat of a lawsuit at least once in their lives. In fact, 43% will experience the risk or reality of litigation.

Are you prepared with the best legal defense?

If not, you could find all that you worked for torn from you in seconds. If that isn’t reason enough to consult a lawyer, read on. Today, we’re sharing five reasons why it’s in your best interest to find a firm you can trust.

1. Lawsuit Protection

As mentioned, you need an attorney on your side to help you handle the sensitive next steps to take when you’re facing a lawsuit.

If you wait to hire one after you’ve been sued, it could be too late. That’s why it’s smart to find a business lawyer as soon as you establish your enterprise. Being proactive can help you save or salvage your assets, even if you go to court.

2. Contract Creation

As a business owner, you’ll create and negotiate many contracts between employees, suppliers, partners, and customers. When you do so, you’ll need to have a lawyer present to make sure all clauses are legally correct.

You may be the best manager in town, but unless you’re trained in the law, you could miss an important fine-print detail that makes all the difference. 

3. Business Incorporation

Are you ready to take your business to the big leagues? Before you can incorporate it, you’ll need to consult a business attorney.

From licensing and zoning laws to registered agents and corporate bylaws, there are many moving parts to the incorporation process. A lawyer can walk you through it step by step, making sure you get through without any legal snafus. 

4. Patent Filing

Got a great idea for the next big thing? You could strike it rich, but before you can rake in your million bucks, you have to fill out a million documents.

A business lawyer can explain the jargon and legalese in this paperwork, as well as help you expedite the approval process. If you try to handle it on your own, you’ll soon find that it’s laborious, expensive and easy to mess up.

5. Environmental Concerns

Is your business eco-friendly? If not, new federal compliance regulations could affect it. Now, there are more government measures than ever before aimed at ensuring small entities comply with green guidelines

From the materials you use to the emissions you create, you’re responsible for following these standards. An attorney can help explain each one to you and how it relates to your organization, helping you stay compliant with all requirements. 

Stay Smart and Consult a Lawyer 

Business owners are always juggling more than one ball. As you seek to bring in new customers, grow your partnerships and keep your bottom line healthy, you don’t have time to stress about legal concerns.

This is why it’s important to consult a lawyer before making any major decision. This service pays for itself when you’re able to avoid court-related fees and fines. Do your research, find a local one you can trust, and sleep a little easier tonight.

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