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5 Surefire SEO Tactics to Generate Leads for Your Business

Want to generate leads through SEO? Good idea!

Increased ranking can grow your business significantly and have a strong impact on your marketing reach. 

Generating leads and growing your ranking involves a strategic approach and a little bit of patience along the way.

Read on for five surefire SEO tactics to take your business to the top. 

1. Audit

Before you do anything to improve your site, you need to understand what isn’t working and change or remove it. 

Schedule an overall website audit to identify any issues in the existing site. Remove bad links, delete duplicate content, ensure your pages have meta titles and that your images have descriptions. 

After this is complete, you’ll have a better idea of what needs to be done to improve your site and your ranking. 

If your business requires you to be mostly out of the office, you may need to hire a company to research and report back on their findings. For example, if you have a construction business, you’ll want to use a company like The SEO Contractor to do your site audit and give their recommendations. 

2. Mobile Site Matters

More than half of online searches occur on a mobile device these days. That means your mobile site has to be in the best shape possible. 

This is especially true if your business is customer service based like a restaurant, coffee shop or another kind of brick and mortar company. 

Keep in mind, in 2016 Google announced they would boost sites that had mobile-friendly devices. So, you’ll be doing yourself and your business a huge disservice by not utilizing this information to increase SEO. 

3. Check out the Competition

See what keywords your competitors are using and fill in the blanks. You can use their keywords as an outline for your own but you also want to determine where they’ve left gaps in the market and fill them in. 

Identify relevant keywords for your business that your competitors missed. 

There are online tools that can identify exactly which keywords are being used and how they’re ranking in the searches.

This is helpful information when it comes to building your own keywords and you will likely be surprised or learn something new in these findings that can help your business. 

4. Generate Leads with Long-Tail Keywords

It can take some time to start seeing results and increase traffic from SEO strategies. In some cases, you could wait 6 months – 1 year. 

Targeting long-tail keywords is a tactic that can quicken this process and get you seeing results faster.

Long-tail keywords use at least two words or more. They are less competitive therefore you have the ability to rank higher faster when you target them. 

This is a good way to gain momentum and see some improvement while you’re waiting for your other strategies to take effect and show results. 

5. Social Media

Think your social media presence has no reflection on your SEO ranking? Think again. 

Google does, in fact, take into account your online social media presence and factors that into your ranking, so it pays to use the platforms to your advantage. 

Not only will your social media help push your business higher in the rankings through Google, but it will organically grow your presence, increase your following and expand your network. 

Be sure to post relevant, useful content and to post consistently, at least a few time per week. 

Try This Today

With the tips above, you now have an understanding of how to generate leads. 

Stay consistent and be patient. These tactics will pay off resulting in higher ranking and a broader reach to your customers. 

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