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5 Surprising Benefits of Using a Phone Answering Service for Your Small Business

Are you constantly getting interrupted from work to answer phone call after phone call? Or maybe you have so many phone calls that you just can’t keep up with the influx of customer calls? 

You never get a second chance at the first impression you convey when customers and clients call your business. 

If you miss a customer phone call or you are forced to cut the phone conversation short because you are about to enter an important meeting, you could potentially ruin that relationship with a customer or client. 

luckily, implementing a phone answering service for small business can provide your business with these five benefits.  

1. Never Miss Another Sales Call

Do you own a business that receives phone calls around the clock? Or do you receive so many phone calls that you simply don’t have time to answer them all? In theory, this is a good problem to have. But not if you don’t have the time to answer all of the phone calls.

If you miss a sales call, your potential customer could go straight to your competitor and give them their business instead. With a telephone answering service, you never have to worry about missing another sales call ever again. 

2. Always Sound Professional To Clients And Customers

When your customers call your business, do you want them forwarded to an unidentifiable receptionist who might be having a bad day and sound unfriendly on the phone? Or do you want your customers forwarded to an answering service that you know will convey an elevated level of professionalism with every single phone call? 

Answering services for small businesses will always relay a sense of professionalism to your clients and customers with every single phone call. And you won’t ever have to worry about your receptionist having a bad day ever again. 

3. They Can Cater To Your Specific Industry

Having a professional who has experience in answering phone calls in your industry will assist your clients and customers in answering their questions and providing the best possible customer service.   

Whatever kind of company you own, you don’t want some average joe answering your phone calls. You want someone with some information on your business and industry expertise to provide you with the peace of mind that a professional who has dealt with your clients and customers in the past is the one answering your phone calls. 

4. Provides You With More Time To Focus On Work 

Instead of being forced to stop what you are doing every five minutes to answer a phone call, a phone answering service will provide you with more time to focus on your work at hand. 

Imagine all of the time that you can save and how much you can improve your daily productivity when you eliminate the stress and responsibility of answering phone calls all day. 

5. Saves You Money

The average salary for a receptionist in the United States is $34,865. This breaks down to $2,905 a month, which is a pretty decent chunk of cash. However, this price point doesn’t include benefits, Social Security, bonuses and time off. 

By eliminating a receptionist from your payroll and replacing them with a phone answering service for small businesses, you will receive the same services as a receptionist at a fraction of the cost. 

Imagine how you can grow your business with all of that extra money laying around. 

Implement A Phone Answering Service For Small Business Today

A phone answering service for small business can provide you with an array of convenient services. These services include answering and forwarding phone calls, taking messages, scheduling appointments and answering customer’s questions. This service can elevate your business almost immediately. 

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