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5 Tips for School Administrators to Reduce Teacher Paperwork

Over 40% of school trash includes paper, and it’s not all coming from the students. Much of the trash has to do with the incredible amount of paperwork teachers need to complete on a daily basis. 

From filling out student disobedience reports to logging parental call sheets, a teacher’s time spent on forms takes time and effort with the manual flow of approvals and signatures needed. 

Read on to find out how administrators can use form automation to remove the need for teacher paperwork. 

1. Digitize Admission and Registration

The first teaching paperwork comes before classes even begin. Teachers receive their class roster and have a short time to prepare their classrooms. Making the process of applying and registering quicker for students allows teaches to get a head start on lesson planning.

Online applications can be passed from the admission coordinator to staff members in charge of scheduling classes. This process removes the need for follow-up due to incorrect and illegible paperwork.

2. Streamline Parental Consent

Instead of using their time to teach, much of a teacher’s day is taken by completing parental consent forms for field trips, medical records, sports participation, and personal information. Putting this information online in one place allows parents to check off a list of parental consent possibilities. 

Administrators can send a report of the approved consents to the teaches without any class time being wasted using school automation

3. Request Time Off Online

Some teacher’s paperwork is for taking a well-desired break. However, finding the time to request a vacation is difficult when teachers have to track down their boss, wait for an approval by their supervisor as well as Human Resources and then find a substitute.

With an online time-off request, they don’t have to do any follow-up. They can see the workflow by logging into an account to see how long the approval process will be and who has the request. 

4. Create Student/parent Accounts for Easy Updates and Communication

If you wonder how many hours do teachers work a week the number always varies. Teachers don’t go home with the bell. After-hours helping students and speaking to parents is all too common. 

Streamlining how students and parents get assistance avoids the headache of a never-ending day. Plus, digital interactions get recorded for future reference and can be passed on to other personnel like principles and counselors for further assistance. 

5. Use Alerts for Thorough, Quick Processing

So, when teachers get asked, “how many hours a week do teachers work?” they can have a much more reasonable answer when their time isn’t absorbed by surprise meetings and forms. 

Instead, they can look online or set notifications to see scheduled meetings, new discussions, and the timeline of processing forms. Other staff members can use these alerts as a reminder to approve forms and pass them along automatically to the next person without delay.

Transitioning Away From Teacher Paperwork

The last thing that an educator looks forward to when they get their first job is the teacher paperwork. Teachers were trained to teach because it is their passion. So, switching to an automated process is simple as it saves time and allows teachers to focus on their goal of educating. 

Administrators can also make an easy transition as automation comes in an user-friendly software. 

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