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7 Current IT Jobs In Demand For 2019

Take the 5 biggest tech companies in the world and their combined worth is 3 trillion dollars. Add to that number all of the other companies that exist in the tech space and you’ve got a total tech industry that’s worth an unfathomable amount.

Given how much money flows through tech, it’s safe to assume that the people that work within the IT space (information technology) get paid well. “Well” is highly variable though.

Depending on which IT jobs you choose to dive into, you can expect to enjoy different salaries and degrees of job security.

To help you find a gig in IT that features everything that you’re looking for, below, we outline the top jobs that are worth your consideration.

1. Mobile Application Developer

Just about everybody in America has a phone in their pocket. That truth has skyrocketed the value of being an application developer substantially.

Mobile application developers are typically tasked with creating unique apps for iOS and Android platforms. They’re also commonly asked to port a businesses’ website functionality to mobile devices.

As an application developer, you’ll likely need to learn Swift (iOS’ language of choice) and Java (Android’s official language).

2. Web Developer

If a business doesn’t have a robust web presence in today’s age, chances are that business isn’t going to be around for much longer. That’s why so many companies have started to splurge on hiring quality web development help.

Web developers are progressively being asked to create sites with content management systems like WordPress. While that has made some aspects of the development workflow more simple, for sophisticated jobs, you may need to be familiar with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

For websites that require a lot of database management, PHP and SQL skills may also be required.

3. Network Administrator

Big companies like Disney and Nike have server rooms hidden away on their corporate campuses. These server rooms are filled with hundreds of computers, hard drives, and thousands of feet of ethernet cable.

All of those components work to keep companies connected and their consumers capable of accessing data that’s important to them.

To ensure that all of that tech works as it should, network administrators monitor network health and fix problems as they arise.

Coding skills may not be required as a network administrator. Instead, this IT jobs choice requires a fair amount of computer hardware knowledge.

4. Support Specialist

Being a support specialist is an entry-level IT jobs choice that many people enjoy doing given that some companies allow specialists to work from home whilst facilitating managed IT services (remote-based tech support).

As a support specialist, you’ll be in charge of working with customers if they have issues with products they’ve purchased from your company.

Support specialists will need to familiarize themselves with company products extensively. They’ll also need to be able to exercise tact and patience during customer interactions.

5. Software Engineer

If you like to code and are proficient at it, becoming a software engineer may be a great fit for you.

As their name suggestions, software engineers plan, create, test and update software. They do this by leveraging a wide variety of languages ranging from Python to C++.

Software engineers are well paid but are expected to be highly proficient in their abilities.

Many software engineers cite work/life balance issues as being a drawback to this position given that required overtime is considered par for the course, especially before product launches.

6. Data Scientist

One of the best gifts that the “internet of things” has given companies is data.

Data that tells them what people look at online. Data that tells them what people buy. Data that tells them what customer expect.

While all of this data is incredibly insightful to businesses, making sense of data in its raw form can be difficult. That’s where data scientists step in.

Data scientists are masters at sifting through raw data in order to help companies take quantitative action. A deep understanding of math and numbers, as well as a high-level of proficiency in spreadsheet creation, is a must for data scientist positions.

Many statisticians find success as data scientists given the deep level of cross over that’s present between the two disciplines.

7. Information Security Analyses

When a business suffers a data breach, on average, they lose 3.9 million dollars paying to fix the resulting damage. Given that penalty, companies hire information security analysts to help mitigate their security risks.

Information security analysts need to have broad knowledge about the IT field as a whole. That’s because security analysts need to be able to advise on where security holes exist across various workflows and need to be able to propose fixes.

As the internet becomes increasingly sophisticated and more business data is migrated to the cloud, information security analysts are going to find that their services continue rising in demand.

Wrapping Up Current IT Jobs In Demand For 2019

Technology represents a lot of opportunity for people that are looking to build careers on the back of a sector that’s growing rapidly. Our advice if you’re interested in picking up a job in this field is to go with one of the IT jobs that we’ve listed above.

Doing so will not only net you a good salary but will also supply you with a job that’s built to last well into the future.

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