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7 Documents to Show Your Lawyer After a Car Accident

47 percent of motor-related deaths in the United States in 2018 occurred due to multiple-vehicle crashes. Texas had the highest number of fatalities recording at least 10% of the total motor-crash relate deaths reported. While not all deaths on the roads lead to fatality, most motor-related accidents have a crippling effect on the victim’s life. 

When a car accident occurs, it leaves a trail of mental and physical injuries. You might not be in the best position to follow up and ensure compensation following such an accident. This is why you need to show your lawyer specific critical documents to help follow up on the accident claims.  

Furnish your lawyer with the right documents is the first step towards a successful claim. Are you wondering what documents you need to show your lawyer after a car accident? Here are seven papers you must have.

1. Show Your Lawyer Your Insurance Policy  

Your insurance policy is a vital document for any car owner. Your attorney will want to confirm that you have an updated insurance policy. The policy must also clarify the type of insurance coverage you are entitled to in your claim. 

If, for some reason, you don’t have the actual copy of the insurance policy, don’t worry. You can always access a duplicate copy of the same from your insurance provider.

 A copy of your insurance policy is adequate proof of your agreement with the insurance company. It provides details of minimum insurance requirements, including the extent of liability coverage. The policy document also clarifies the coverage category you fall within and the anticipated value of compensation. 

2. Police Reports and Records  

Police officers are among the first to respond following an accident. Before anything else, it’s important to call law enforcement officers to assess the extent of the damage and prepare a report.

Such police reports are powerful tools when establishing liability. Most lawyers will ask for a police report as a matter of priority when dealing with your accident case. This report provides information that is binding in an accident case. 

3. Proof of Premium Payments 

You might provide copies of checks paid to the insurance company to show proof of payment.

You may also include copies of bank statements to the insurance company. All you need to ensure is that such documents indicate the date and the time. In case you made the payments through a credit card, it would help to include such credit card statements as evidence. 

4. Medical Records  

The cost of medical care and productivity lost due to car accidents in the United States will surpass the $100 billion mark by the end of this year. When accidents happen, medical bills present a considerable burden on the victims. As such, you need to show proof of the actual medical costs incurred for comprehensive compensation.

Your car accident case will be more straightforward if you can provide all the documents to show proof of medical expenses incurred. Medical records also clarify if you had any underlying medical concerns before the accident. These records ensure that you get compensation for medical conditions that were a result of the accident. 

5. Statements from Witnesses 

Presenting your injury attorney in Houston with witness statements is the first step towards winning your car accident case.

When accidents happen, most first responders are witnesses who were present at the time of the accident. While getting a formal written statement from witnesses can be difficult, it makes all the difference to get some witness statements. These statements provide clarity regarding the accident and the extent of the fault.

Unless you live in a no-fault state, presenting data related to witnesses can help tilt a case in your favor. 

Such witnesses may also include emergency ambulance response teams. 

6. Vehicle Damage Estimates 

Most car accidents result in excessive damage to the cars involved. If you’re keen on winning your car accident case presenting evidence of harm is paramount. You might need to show your lawyer proof that your vehicle requires repairs and the actual costs of such work. In case the car is a write-off, you might also need evidence of the actual cash value before the accident.

Remember that the idea behind filing for a claim is to ensure that you return to the initial financial position before the accident. As such, you need to provide evidence of damage to ensure accurate compensation for the damaged car. 

7. Records Showing Proof of Income

Accidents often lead to lost income due to hospitalization.  Such lost earnings can take a toll on your financial capacity in the medium-term. However, you need detailed proof of your income before the accident to confirm lost earnings

Most lawyers will require your paycheck stubs or direct deposit records or any other documents that prove lost income. Such reports provide the support that you were in gainful employment or business before the accident. 

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

Once you locate all the documents, you need to work with a reliable personal injury attorney in Houston to ensure that you get the best legal support. In case you need to talk to a lawyer about a car accident case, ensure that you consider a seasoned attorney.

Legal Representation Makes All the Difference in a Car Accident Case

Car accident cases can be complicated. It may take longer than you expected to get compensation if you don’t have reliable legal representation.  

Have you been involved in a car accident lately and wonder how to ensure you win your case? It would help to show your lawyer these seven documents to enhance your chances of getting full compensation for the damages. All you need is a reliable attorney in Houston, and you’ll be good to go.

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