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7 Examples for How to Start a Jewelry Business Online

If you need advice for how to start a jewelry business online, then you’re in the right place. Here are some examples of successful jewelers that sell online.

So you want to start an online jewelry business?

Awesome! You can turn your side hobby into a full-time job if you have the know-how. And you can do it with a very small start-up investment.

Read on if you’ve always wanted to know how to start a jewelry business online. We’ll provide you with some of the best tips to get your business off the ground.

1. How to Start a Jewelry Business Online: Decide What Kind of Jewelry You Specialize In

This is a very important aspect of your business. You need to know what type of jewelry you specialize in, and what sets you apart from other jewelry makers.

Is your jewelry made from a special metal? Is it hand engraved? Can people create custom orders? Or do you do a totally unique bead design?

Finding your niche is important with any type of business, and jewelry is no different. Identifying what makes you stand out is definitely the first step.

Click for more for a good example of a business that specializes in one type of jewelry.

2. Set Up a Website

You’ll need to have a place to display your jewelry. In order to do this, you’ll need a website.

Your website should have lots of space so that you can show off your designs with detailed photographs.

You should ideally set up a website with a unique domain name. Your domain name should reflect the name of your store and somehow reflect what you’re selling.

You don’t have to know code or hire an expensive web designer to get online either. You can set up shop via Shopify or Wix. Both websites allow you to customize your own websites while accepting orders.

It is important that your customers have a way to purchase items they like online simply and easily.

3. Create a Logo

You’ll want to create a simple, yet professional logo for your jewelry business. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but something your customers would recognize. You should place this on your website and any other social media or marketing materials you either put online or give to people on paper.

This helps customers recognize you and gives your business an air of professionalism.

4. Set Up Social Media

In this day and age, a lot of people purchase items from social media. They may see an ad on their feed or have an item recommended by a friend. As a result, you need to have a presence on social media to ensure that you keep your customers up-to-date.

Create a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Update these regularly. If you have the budget, hire someone to manage these sites for you. This way, they can make sure to constantly update your feeds, getting the word out about your designs.

5. Create Online Ads

This goes hand-in-hand with creating your social media. You’ll need to set aside some of your budget to create online ads. These ads will help you get your product in front of your target audience.

With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can choose who you would like to see your products. If, for example, you sell Boho style jewelry, you can “tell” the algorithm you only want women ages 15-25 to see your ads. It will specifically target these women, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck.

After all, if you sell items for young women, your money would be wasted on an ad shown to a man in his 60s. Targeted advertising gives you more control over your ads.

6. Join Online Selling Sites

Have your own site, but join online selling sites as well. This allows customers you may not have reached otherwise to find your items.

You can register with a site like Etsy or Not on the High Street. These sites take care of the third party details like payment. You will then need to simply make and send the item.

Joining these sites can give you access to a huge audience. They are well-known, and individuals looking for your specific product can find you by various keywords. You may get new loyal customers from one of these sites!

7. Regularly Engage with Your Customers

You should keep your social media up-to-date with new designs and additions. But not only that, you should ensure that prospective customers know that you’re active and care about them. Do this by posting often on social media about what you’re up to in regard to the business.

Getting a new jewelry studio? Post about it! Looking at expanding your range? Ask your audience what else they’d like to see you carry. You can also run little giveaways once every month or so. You can use this to interact with customers while letting them know you appreciate them. You can also build your customer base in this manner.

For example, run a giveaway where each time someone shares your posts, they get an entry.

They can also gain entries for liking your social media pages or interacting with them in other ways.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

If you’re looking for information on how to start a jewelry business online, it can definitely feel stressful and overwhelming. However, you should take things one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your jewelry business won’t be either.

Be patient with yourself. Applying these strategies, though, will help build your business in the long term.

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