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7 Important Questions to Ask When Hiring a House Cleaner

In life, there are tasks we feel like doing and ones we would rather put off. For many, cleaning is either an obsession or a subject of avoidance. Things need to be clean-ish, but do you have to do it yourself?

Fortunately, cleaning services have been outsourced since ancient times. Hiring a house cleaner makes sense as outsourcing represents a practical way to buy time. A professional does a better job in a shorter time frame, saving your time for things you care about.

Cleaning services work well for the home especially if you want to show off that new home office design

Before hiring a cleaner, consider going through this list of questions to find the best people for the job. These questions eliminate red flags and hone in on your particulars for peace of mind.

Hiring a House Cleaner

Whenever you look into hiring people to do a job, you have to wonder how much it is worth. It is one thing to not want to do a task, it is another to pay someone to do something you are capable of.

Remember that a cleaning service works on reputation and repeat business. If you aren’t happy with the job, they lose a client. They are interested in giving you the right service and proving it is worth the money.

1. What are Included Services?

The first question relates directly to your bottom line. Asking a cleaner service about what they cover is a good first step.

Generally, cleaning services fall into two groups. Those that do specialized tasks for a premium and those that do a lot of general tasks.

You want to know which you are dealing with and what will cost you extra. If you pick a service that offers more of what you need, you avoid paying for things you don’t.

Bottom line, don’t pay for more than two additional services. These will cost more and if you find yourself needing many specialized tasks, you are dealing with the wrong cleaners. 

2. What are Your Guarantees?

This question goes to the reputation of the professional cleaning company. They should have a boilerplate list of what to expect and how to report when you don’t get that.

This ensure s that you get what you pay for, but it also helps the company to improve training for employees and focus accountability.

A company with vague ideas on how they can show that their work was done well hasn’t put thought into their management and training. Even if they do a good job, they are prone to slipping over time when they don’t have standards to consider.

3. How do You Handle Employee Discretion?

A housekeeping business offers a service that crosses into your privacy. This opens opportunities to take advantage of trust. Even if the company is above-board, their employees may not be. 

This isn’t about bad hiring practices, so much as knowing how to determine problem signs. 

Employees prone to slipping over time and becoming a problem causes many of the difficulties in cleaning for health services. 

4. Are You Bonded or Insured?

This question helps to protect your home from unexpected problems. An employee of a cleaning company doesn’t need to intentionally cause a problem to be a problem. 

Reputable businesses will present their credentials and insurances. This is doubly true when the work is sensitive or has a known downside. Check out this listing of reputable healthcare cleaning services to learn more.

5. How are Rates Set?

In addition to what is included in the price, it helps you to know why prices exist.

This shows that the company is aware of the local market and has made decisions that reflect their quality.

Rates are often set by how long they expect a job to take. An estimate for your cleaning will reflect how much work they think will need to be done. 

If you are aiming to hire a service weekly, you want to know they will do the same job for the same amount of time. 

Initial cleanings can take longer and subsequent can leave you feeling shortchanged as it gets harder to notice if the work was done. 

consider setting time limits or price limits. This helps you to budget and puts the onus of the effort on the cleaning service. 

6. Do You Provide Supplies/Equipment?

Not all companies will use the products you prefer or have access to the equipment you need. If you have a hypoallergenic home or prefer green supplies, you may have to provide them or pay extra.

Generally, you want the cleaning service to provide the equipment and supplies as these will be regulated in the estimated cost.

A company that expects to use your materials should cost less than one that brings their own. They should also give you an idea of how long any amount of a product will last and stick to that. This ensures they are doing the job you are paying for and not wasting an excess of materials.

When they supply their own, those considerations are made within the price point of the services offered. 

7. How do You Handle Access/Pets?

Housekeeping services can work only when you are home or you can provide them access while you are away. Knowing exactly, in writing, how home access is handled protects you.

Part of this is about protecting your home, part is about work getting done in a timely fashion. 

You also want to discuss how to handle pets. You don’t want your pet harmed by the cleaning nor your pet to harm a worker. 

Going over this information protects both parties.

Make Better Decisions

Making decisions about who to do business with can be difficult. There are many competing factors and businesses work to show they are above the rest.

When it comes to hiring a house cleaner, you want dependable service that gives you what you ask for.

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