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7 Key Reasons Why You Should Have Tile Flooring Installed

Are you tired of being discouraged from the prices of home renovation? Well, I have you covered. Tile flooring is one of the most inexpensive flooring options out there! In this article, you will discover 7 key reasons why you should have tile flooring installed. 

1. Tile Flooring Is Inexpensive

Did you know that tile is very cost-effective? Laminate flooring actually doesn’t need waxing or polishing either, so that’s another reason it is so inexpensive! Decide which tile you want to go for when deciding home renovations.

The cost to install tile flooring is very inexpensive and can be comparable to other floorings. Tile averages about $4-$12 per square foot but of course could always be less. For example, ceramic tile could be much less than $5 per square foot! Contact this tile service for inexpensive installation options! 

2. It Works Everywhere

Did you know tile is one of the easiest floors out there to maintain? Since it is so easy to maintain, you can place it in your kitchens and even bathrooms! It is also aesthetically pleasing so why not have it as your backsplash in your kitchen instead of just flooring?

You can have it in your bedroom too! Tile is so versatile so you can really be creative and put it as many rooms as you want! 

It will keep your home cool as well since tile is cooling. Carpet retains heat, so on a summer day, that could make it feel so much hotter! Why not cool down and feel comfortable with tile in your home? It can help cut down on air conditioning bills as well since it is cooling. 

Another great benefit of tile flooring is it is water resistant thanks to their protective layer. They’re very resistant to humidity as well, so those hot summer days you don’t have to worry about them! 

3. Clean It in a Pinch

 Cleaning tile takes much less time than other flooring options and it requires less maintenance. Carpets collect dirt and it is harder to clean them than tile. You can sweep and spot clean, and then your tile is clean!

Normally you only need to clean it once a week too! If you’re looking for low maintenance and a durable product, tile is the way to go! 

4. Easy to Maintain

Did you know carpeting requires steam cleaning at least once every 12 to 18 months? Tile is much less maintenance, only requiring a sealant every 4-5 years. Also, the grout that holds the tile in place makes sure no water will go through. 

If you decide you want to do some DIY repair, repairing is quick and easy! If you want to replace one tile you can finish it in a couple of minutes! Just keep some extra tiles in case you want to quickly replace one tile. 

Tile is super durable as well, so repairs will be minimal. Tile is great because it won’t show wear and tear like other floorings such as carpeting. It will look as good as new! Wouldn’t you rather have an upgrade in your home that is long lasting? 

Ceramic tile is great too because it’s so hard to crack! If it does crack? It’s so easy to replace! Plus dirt and grime sit on the top of the floor instead of going within like carpeting! 

Did you know that air quality is normally better with tile as well? Since they are made in kilns at extremely high temperatures, any hazardous organic compounds are removed in the process! 

5. The Possibilities Are Endless 

How does it sound to be as creative as you’d like and choose from a wide variety of choices? When you choose tile, you have choices! You can choose what color, size, and style you’d like for your home. You can even create your own patterns and designs!

The possibilities are endless, and entirely up to you and what you think works best for your home! Companies are also able to even create designs that resemble nature because of texturing technology and new printing.

If you still want a stone or wood look, that is still an option with tile! They can also be shaped into planks, triangles, and rectangles! 

You can always decorate a tile floor very easily by putting down area or throw rugs, which will make it very cozy as well. 

6. Value of Your Home Increases

Did you know that tile could increase the value of your home? Homes that added tile to their home noticed an increase in their resale value. You never know how much value it can add to your home, even in the thousands!

7. Good for the Environment

Did you know tile is usually made out of wood, sand, and clay? They are often combined with other recyclable materials, and as mentioned earlier, keep your home cooler as well. Which can then, in turn, help the environment when you’re using less electricity for cooling!  

Also as I mentioned earlier, the dirt and grime sit on the top, so you don’t have to worry about allergens as much! You can easily wipe them up off the top of the flooring, and then not have as many allergens in the air! 

Next Steps

Now that you know more about the many benefits of tile flooring, it is your turn to get out there and upgrade your home at a very reasonable price. As mentioned above not only is it reasonable, but tile is very durable, and low maintenance. Who doesn’t love a great deal?