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7 Key Tips for Starting a Home Window Repair Business

Would you like some tips for starting a home window repair business?

How about if you heard that the overall demand for windows of all types for 2019 is expected to include 49 million new and replacement windows? This figure is up 4% from the previous year, too. 

Why not be a part of a business who gets paid to install those windows?

Keep reading to learn how you can get your share of this work. 

Tips for Starting a Home Window Repair Business

There are many reasons why you should start a home window repair business.

You can be your own boss and be more hands-on in building a business from scratch.

Build your team and set the work environment you want. Experience the joy of helping create new jobs.

Provide your customers with excellent service and discover the pride you’ll feel when people refer your business to their trusted friends and family.

You may even be able to pass your business on to your kids. Or you can opt to build your business and sell it to someone else when you decide it is time to retire.

To get started on the right foot, check out these tips to get you started. 

1. Be Sure You Have the Right Experience

Having prior experience working in construction or having worked for a window selling retailer is extremely helpful. 

Experience in the following is also very helpful:

  • Communication skills
  • Customer service
  • Human resources
  • Management skills 

If needed, also consider taking courses on how to run and operate a business.

2. Determine If You Need a License

Check with your state and local agencies to see what licenses they require. You will likely need a business license, at a minimum. 

You may also need a contractor’s license issued by your state. If so, you’ll have to pay a fee and take an exam in order to get your license.

Some licenses require continuing education, so make sure to check whether there will be more requirements that you will need to meet.

3. Get Certified, When Required

The EPA requires that people who will be renovating, replacing, or painting any windows installed prior to 1978 get EPA certified. Windows installed prior to then may contain lead, so the EPA requires you to know lead-safe work practices to minimize your risk and others to the exposure.  

To set yourself apart from the competition, you can get certified by the American Window and Door Institute

4. Get Insured and Bonded

Contact an insurance carrier to get insurance for both your business and your commercial vehicles. 

In addition, many of your clients may insist you be bonded (such as public entities). Contact an insurance surety to take out a bond. You can check with your secretary of state to confirm the surety is approved for issuing bonds in your state. 

5. Set Up Your Finances

You will need to open a separate bank account for your business. This will allow you to deposit your income and pay your expenses directly into and out of that account, which will help you keep your financial records in order.

If you do not understand accounting or simply do not want to have to do it, you can either hire an in-house bookkeeper or find an outside accountant to help you keep your books in order. 

If you have any employees or hire laborers, you will need to know how to handle paying their wages and the associated tax reporting and payment obligations. In addition, if you haven’t been self-employed before, you will need to understand those tax requirements as well.

6. Get a Commercial Vehicle and Tools

You will need a commercial truck that is outfitted with the proper equipment to hold windows and glass without breaking during transport. Your truck will also need to hold all your tools. 

Installation of new windows and window replacements require some specialized tools in addition to general carpentry tools.

7. Set Up Your Web Presence

Setting up a website is just the beginning for what you need to do for getting your business information online.

For your website, make sure you provide your potential customers with at least the following minimal information:

  1. Your complete contact information, including all phone numbers
  2. How to submit a request for a quote
  3. Your contractor’s license, if any
  4. Your bonding information

Additionally, you can add information and pictures of the various types of windows that you can install. You can also ask customers who were very happy with your work to write positive customer reviews that you can post on your website. 

Create some social media profiles so anyone looking for you will at least find your contact information and a link to your website. As your business grows, you can consider allocating more resources to social media, if you find you are getting customer leads from there.

Get your business added to online directors such as Angie’s List or other lists that cater to your local area.

Look Into Starting Your Home Window Repair Business Today

With these tips for starting a home window repair business, you could well be on your way toward a bright new future owning your own business.

You can decide for yourself whether you want to be a stand-alone company and get your own customers or network with other contractors and work as a sub-contractor (or a mix of both). 

Check out our website for more information on starting a business!