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7 Of The Most Effective Exercise Machines To Use In The Gym

It’s common to feel like there’s just not enough time to fit everything in. Most Americans say that they feel busier than ever these days and that they have trouble carving time out from all kinds of other distractions and responsibilities.

It can be hard to schedule proper gym time into such a busy schedule. Especially if your gym is a bit far from your home. Sometimes it can feel easier to not go at all than to try and find a window big enough to fit in your whole routine.

But is possible to do a quick and efficient workout. You can easily get in and out the door in thirty minutes if you plan properly. It all just depends on what exercise machines you use. Read on, and we’ll walk you through which exercise machines are the most efficient for your quick workout. 

Exercise Machines: 1. Rowing Machines

When it comes to a good cardio workout, you’ll want something that can fire up your heart and lungs quickly. A rowing machine can do just that, while also training a number of different muscles. 

You’ll need to get the proper form down first, which might mean asking a trainer for help on your first go-around. The last thing you want to do is allow poor posture to affect your performance. But once you’ve mastered the rowing machine, it can be one of the most efficient places to go on your workout. 

2. The Treadmill

There are always so many treadmills at a gym, but for good reason. This classic workout choice is always a good bet when it comes to results and efficiency. Unlike other cardio machines, a treadmill allows your body a full range of motion. 

You get out what you put in when it comes to the treadmill. If you want the best bang for your buck, you should turn that speed and incline up and really push yourself through. You’ll see much better and quicker results than if you’re going at a leisurely pace.

3. The Stairmill

A sister to the treadmill, the stairmill is a favorite among many gym-goers. It’s a great machine if you’re working on refining and tightening your butt. The secret to a great and efficient stairmill workout?

Try taking breaks and doing another machine. This will allow the muscles in your lower back some time to rest and grow before you challenge them again. When you are on the machine, make sure you’re letting your lower body do all the work. Don’t cheat by pulling some of your weight up on the handlebars. 

4. Air Bikes 

If you haven’t ridden an air bike at your gym, you’ve definitely seen them around. Air bikes are the stationary bikes that have handles like an elliptical machine. Like rowing, air bikes can be a great way to burn calories and build muscle at the exact same time. 

There’s nothing more efficient than that. 

Cycling has a tendency to focus the work onto your lower body. There’s a lot of involvement of your knees and hips, which will get a real work out while cycling. But the elliptical handles will also ensure the top half of your body isn’t totally out of the race either. 

5. Lat Pull Down Bar

There are plenty of great machines that aren’t cardio-focused as well. The lateral pull down bar can help build up strength in your back and arms. The secret to using this machine is hand placement. 

You can change how efficient and difficult a set is by where you put your hands. Bring them close together for an easier time, or spread them far apart to really make your body work. 

Strong back muscles can be important whether you’re a stonemason or an office clerk, so the lat pull-down bar is a great machine to look into.

6. Chest Press

Many people swear by the power of the push-up, claiming it works more muscles in your body than any other exercise. And it is true! Push-ups can be so good for your body and health. The chest press is essentially the machine version of a push-up.

Using a chest press machine can help you build up your triceps, biceps, and your chest. The more these muscles are built up, the better you can do later on with other exercises. 

7. Hanging Leg Raise

Some of the most efficient machines at the gym are the ones that allow you to use your own weight of your body as part of the work-out. This is true of the hanging leg raise, one of the most efficient workouts at the gym. 

How does it work? You simply hold yourself off the ground using the machine and lift the lower half of your body up and down, over and over again. The up-and-down movement of your legs can provide an abs work out that is truly enviable. 

The machine is also great because it takes no set up. You can simply hop on and start immediately without having to worry about finding the right settings. That helps to make it one of the most effective workouts on this list and in the gym as a whole. 

The Most Effective Exercise Machines 

When it comes to fitting a workout in, efficiency can be key. The above exercise machines are among the most effective in any gym. They can help you get a great workout without eating up too much of your day. 

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