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7 Pro Tips for Producing Great Video Content for Your Website

Thanks to social media, a typical user will watch several videos online each day. With more than 500 million hours of video watched online each day, you can no longer ignore video content for your website.

Nothing screams professional website like high-quality videos. In this article, we are sharing seven tried and tested tips to help you create great video content for your website.

1. Goal and Focus

Before you start producing videos, you have to decide on a clear goal and focus.

What is your aim for these videos? Are you launching a video marketing campaign? Are you creating video content for your official website?

You may create videos highlighting product features and benefits to use on your e-commerce site. Another focus is to showcase your business efficiency and highlight key team members. How-to videos and engaging video content is another goal, especially if you plan to use your videos for SEO purposes.

Regardless of the goal, your first video will probably be an introduction to your company, your brand, or your flagship product. This first video is crucial in defining your entire video content approach, so it pays to have a specific focus in mind.

2. Follow a Script

You can’t just turn a camera on and hope to get a good video. Creating video content is all about careful planning and execution.

Before you start spending your video budget on props and music, sit down with your marketers and create one or more video scripts. These will help guide you through the creation process and ensure you remain focused on your aforementioned goal.

Developing specific storyboards will allow you to see what kind of preparation you need to do before starting to shoot. Perhaps you will need some specific piece of equipment, or a voice actor, to help you.

Scripts and storyboards can be as basic and practical as you want them to be. There is no need to be artistic or focus on detail there. Just a broad overview of what you aim to create.

3. Invest in Professional Quality

Unless you are going for a mom and pop feel, your videos should be professional. You cannot expect to introduce new clients to your business with an amateurish video.

More than 30% of all online activities include video, so the potential to reach new clients is huge. However, a poorly made video can make more harm than good, and push those potential new clients into the website of a competitor.

To make sure your videos are professional enough, you need:

  • Modern equipment
  • No feedback
  • Proper lighting
  • Tripod to avoid shaky shots
  • Any physical locations you shoot should be clean and tidy
  • Avoid shooting other brands and irrelevant things in the background
  • Competent editing

Most small and medium-sized companies don’t have access to that kind of equipment. That is why you might need to team up with a professional video producer or access a professional studio to make your video. Need a professional studio or green room for video production? Check it out.

4. Emulate, but Remain Original

When designing your videos, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. With millions of successful videos already out, you can find many that are more or less like what you are trying to achieve.

However, while it is great to get inspiration from other videos, you still have to remain genuine to your values and your brand. Copying your competitors will only lead to disappointed customers. If you are producing video content for SEO purposes, you have to make it engaging and interesting every single time.

5. Align Your Videos with Your Brand

Online videos can supercharge your branding efforts if you align your branding with your video creation efforts. Be consistent with logos, slogans, and typography. To achieve that, coordinate with your marketing department and get all the collateral you need from your branding portfolio.

You will need your logo for the intro and possible the outro of your video. If you upload your videos on Youtube, you will also need a thumbnail version of your logo to use as a profile picture.

Done right, your videos can act as unique promotional boosts to your other marketing efforts. Videos are scalable since you only pay for their creation once, but they can be used and reused indefinitely.

6. Respect the Time and the Intelligence of Your Audience

When shooting videos, aim for quality over quantity. People appreciate short and sweet videos rather than pedantic sales pitches that keep going on and on.

Most visitors will decide whether to watch a video based on its length. Nobody has time for a 20-minute product presentation. But if you keep your product videos less than a minute short, you will entice your visitors to check them out quick.

7. Don’t Forget the Sound

Finally, videos are nothing without the proper sound. In addition to having no background noise and mic feedback, you have to shoot at a location without an echo. Always scout a location thoroughly before shooting, as sound problems can be tricky to fix during post-production.

Moreover, be mindful when picking music tracks for your video. If you include licensed music to your clips you might be violating copyright laws and your video could be taken down without warning. It’s best to play it safe with either open license music or music made specifically for your video campaigns.

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