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7 Unique Ideas for Boosting Team Morale in the Workplace

If morale is low in your workforce, your business could fail. Did you know that studies have concluded that the higher the morale among employees, the greater production levels are? 

Every employee deserves to be boosted and motivated, no matter what their job role. Business owners will often see an immediate difference when they make the effort to boost morale in the workplace. So, how can you boost team morale? Here are a few simple ideas.

Share Your Vision

Employees need something to strive for, other than a paycheck. When you interview your potential employees, you need to know that they have a grasp of what the business is about and where it’s heading. Your employees may need reminding every now and then.

Get your employees excited by sharing your plans for the future and let them know what that will mean for them. For example, a business expansion often leads to more clients and more clients could lead to pay rises.

Show Your Appreciation

There are lots of ways you can show your employees that they’re appreciated and boost morale. Some businesses celebrate their employee’s birthdays by buying cupcakes for the whole office. Other businesses send out care packages that include business coffee mugs or water cups. You could even use a challenge coin. You can learn more about the purpose of them by searching challenge coins.

It’s important for employees to know their hard work isn’t unnoticed. Sending a simple e-mail out once a week that includes a thank you for all the hard work will go a long way. It can also make a huge difference to keep updated on what’s going on in your employee’s lives.

It can be difficult when the workforce is large and there are different departments. However, sending gifts when a new baby arrives or sympathies when a loved one passes on, can mean a lot to your employees and their families.

Remember Individuals

Although your team has to work together, it’s important to single out people when they’ve done a good job. Some business owners praise employees in public, at staff meetings or gatherings. However, it’s just as effective to speak to an employee in private. 

Any employee that feels good about what they do is going to go above and beyond in their job role. This will result in your clients receiving high-quality work and coming back for more.

Similarly, it’s just as important to speak to employees privately when they’ve received negative feedback from clients. Give your employee some tips on how to improve in the future and offer your full support if they should need it. Ironing out simple problems could have a significant impact on company morale and the quality of work presented.

Keep Your Team Healthy

Physical and mental wellness are vital if you want your team to function properly. If your team constantly feels stressed or under pressure, you may notice it affects your production times. There are some things you can do to make sure your team stays on top form. 

For example, some businesses offer free yoga classes during lunch as a way for employees to unwind and return to work feeling revitalized. Other companies supply free healthy lunches for anyone that attends a meeting. It’s also important to make sure employees are taking their breaks every day.

Encourage your employees to take time off when they need to or work from home when it’s more convenient. Things crop up in everyday life that may require employees to split their time and their thoughts between work and home. Telecommuting can often solve that problem and lower your employee’s stress levels.

Challenge Your Employees

You never know what your employees are capable of until you challenge them to do more. There may be an employee in your midst who believes they can do a different job or wants to climb the ladder within the business. When an opening presents itself, hire within the company first. 

Not only does it prove that you’re confident in your employees and what they can achieve but it will also save you advertising outside of the business. A new challenge can be exciting and intriguing for new employees. It could renew passion in an employee who was becoming bored with his original role.

Have Fun Together

Forget about the old ice-breaking and trust building exercises, like free-falling into your partner. There’s a new bonding exercise in town and it’s called fun. Improving morale often begins with improving working relationships. People within the team that don’t get on well can bring the entire team down.

More often than not, most people will find some common ground outside of the workplace. For example, some businesses have monthly bowling trips or meals at local restaurants. Other businesses throw huge Summer parties for their employees with water guns, a BBQ and entertainment, like a band.

Of course, the annual Christmas party is a must. It’s not just a way for your employees to bond; it’s also a great way to say thank you for all the hard work at the end of the year and wish everyone a great holiday season. 


More and more companies are encouraging their employees to get regular massages. In fact, many businesses in the U.S already have their own corporate masseuse. A lot of office workers sit in the same position day after day, for up to 8 hours a day. That’s just as physically demanding as it is mentally demanding.

Having a massage at some point during the day can do wonders for how an employee feels. It will loosen the muscles and joints that can become stiff from working in the same position all day and give the mind enough time to relax and rejuvenate before starting all over again. 

Boosting Team Morale Will Boost Your Sales

As with anything else, you get out what you put in. Investing time and effort into boosting team morale will only result in good things for your business.

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