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8 Brilliant Tips on How to Stay Active and Fit for Busy Entrepreneurs

Back in 2016, 4 out of every 10 people in the United States were clinically obese. That number has gone down since then but among many groups, obesity is still a prevalent issue.

The people most affected by health problems like obesity are those that don’t have time to eat right and exercise. Does that group sound familiar to you business-people out there?

Entrepreneurs are among the most passionate people on the planet when it comes to running their business. When it comes to running themselves though… There’s a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between you and your work. You can have it both ways.

In this brief post, we share 8 tips on how to stay active if you’re running a company.

1. Negotiate a Gym Into Your Office Lease

A lot of people suggest that a great way to stay active is to wake up 90 minutes early so you can hit the gym before coming into work. On its head, that’s a great idea. A morning workout will get your blood pumping and help you stay sharp throughout the day.

What this tip ignores though is that busy entrepreneurs are already not sleeping enough. Asking them to wake up 90 minutes early could do more harm than good.

As a comprise, get a gym installed in your office. It’ll reduce commute time between the gym and work and will allow you to stay in bed for longer.

When it comes time to renew your office lease, ask your building owner to throw in a small gym. If they refuse, let them know that you’ll be looking for an office that can accommodate.

2. Walk or Bike to Work

Depending on how close you live to your office, a great way to stay fit is to make your commute time your workout time. Rather than picking up your car keys before leaving the house, throw on your walking shoes or grab your helmet.

Walking/biking to and from work builds (presumably) 10 excellent exercise sessions into your week. You can even make things more fun by wearing a Fitbit and blinging it out with what we think is the most stylish band collection for your Fitbit from Mobile Mob. After all, anything that you can do to make your workout more interesting is always a good idea!

3. Pickup a Standing Desk

Sitting for 8+ hours per day can wreak havoc on your body and on your fitness goals. If being at a desk is a must for you Monday through Friday, shake things up with a sit/stand desk.

Sit/stands allow you to adjust your desk so you can stand behind it when you need to keep your energy up or sit behind it when you need a break. By standing at your desk, you’ll burn just under 100 calories per hour.

4. Take the Stairs

If you work in a building that has multiple floors, taking the stairs between floors can be a serious how to stay active boost! Tacking the stairs daily will lead to healthier bones, joints, muscles, reduced calories and even a lowered risk of mortality!

5. Get Out of the Office for Lunch

Even busy entrepreneurs like you need to take a second to eat every now and again. Sadly, most entrepreneurs literally “take a second” to eat by just placing a delivery order and having food brought up to their offices.

Don’t be one of those people!

Lunchtime is a great period to take a mental break which can set you up to be more productive during the back half of the day. Also, during lunch, you give yourself the opportunity to walk to your favorite takeout spot which equals additional calories burned.

6. Eat Healthy

When we say that you get to walk to your favorite takeout spot during lunch, we don’t mean that you should walk to Taco Bell or McDonald’s. If there’s one thing that you learn about staying fit in this post, let it be that you’re only ever as healthy as the things that you put in your body. No matter how hard you work at keeping in shape, if lunch means Big Macs and Taco Del Grandes every day, you’re never going to meet your goals.

Splurge a little bit when you go out to lunch on that healthy meal. Believe us when we say that it’ll pay for itself in the long run.

7. Drink Water All Day

There’s nothing inconvenient about keeping a water bottle at your desk and sipping from it periodically. That simple fitness booster can up your mental clarity, aid your digestive system and help you to feel your best as you tackle the day.

8. Don’t Overextend

We get it. You’re an entrepreneur. You have ambitions of world domination.

If in your pursuits of achievement though, you start to sacrifice things like relationships, sleep, and other life necessities, you’re going to regret it in the long run.

Part of staying fit is living a balanced life. Make that a priority and your business will take care of itself.

Bringing Home Our How to Stay Active Advice

We’ve hit you with a lot of how to stay active information that may have you feeling overwhelmed. In order to get into good shape, you do not have to do everything that we’ve suggested! Just prioritize 2 or 3 tips and go from there.

Fitness is a marathon, not a race. Commit yourself to taking small steps towards a healthier life and keep reading our business content for more information on how to get the most out of your business.