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8 Promotional Design Tips for Your Contracting Business

Do you want your contracting business to reach a broader base of potential clients? Click here for 8 promotional design tips to help you get started.

You spend a lot of time promoting your contracting business. If you’re not getting the maximum impact, you need to take a look at your promotional design.

You have about half a second to grab someone’s attention and get them to read more.

It’s not so much what you have to say, it’s how you say it.

Your design can have a major influence on what someone thinks of your construction business, and how much someone is willing to pay for your services.

Even if you get them to read on, you have to get them to take action.

If you’re looking at ways to have more impact and increase your conversion rates through your promotional pieces, take a look at these 8 promotional design tips.

What is Promotional Design?

The promotional design is simple how any promotional materials are designed.

That refers to your website, direct mail pieces, brochures, billboards, and advertising. There is a visual component to all of these promotional items.

There are two reasons why visual design is just as, if not more important than text.

The first is that people remember text when a visual is alongside the text. If someone listens to or reads the text, they’re going to remember about 10% of it. Put a good visual there and they’ll remember 65% of it.

The second reason is that people will form a first impression of your construction business in about half a second, based only on the visual design of your promotional piece.

1. Know Your Audience

Before you start your promotional design, you have to know who your audience is. When you know who you want to reach, the easier it is to craft a promotional piece that speaks directly to them.

You want your promotion to be something that your target market can relate to. When they can relate to your business, then they’re more likely to take action.

These are a few questions you want to ask yourself to identify your target market:

  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do?
  • What newspapers do they read?
  • Where do they shop?
  • What’s most important to them regarding their home?
  • What’s the biggest problem in their home?
  • How can your services solve their problem?

These questions will help you better understand your target market so you can effectively reach them.

2. Sketch Your Design on Paper First

Get out a pencil and paper and start to sketch out what you want your promotion to look like.

This is a time-saving step, especially if you’re not that great navigating around graphic design programs. You can sketch out a few ideas, and take them to a graphic designer or you can do it yourself without losing track of what you’re doing.

3. Create a Killer Headline

The hardest part about creating a promotional piece is to get someone to read it.

Your headline needs to be bold, in large font, and it needs to grab the attention of the reader.

It has to be good enough to get the reader to keep reading.

Advertising legend David Ogilvy said that 80 cents out of every marketing dollar is in the headline. That’s what people read and what brings the most value to your business.

4. Make it Easy to Read

After your headline, your goal is to get the person to keep reading.

The way people read today is that they don’t read a lot of text, but rather they scan headlines.

That’s why brochures and websites need to have clear headings that make the most important points you want the reader to know.

Then your text can be used as talking points to support those headings.

5. Make Your Call to Action Stand Out

No matter what your promotional design is about, it’s goal is to lead to an action.

That action can be to schedule an estimate or sign up for a newsletter. Your promotional design should make it clear as to what the reader should do when they read your marketing piece.

If you want someone to call you to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, give them a good reason why they should. You can add that it’s free and there’s no obligation to make a purchase.

Then follow that up with action words like ‘Call Now’ or ‘Book Your Estimate.’

6. The Pictures Should Match Your Text

Yes, cat pictures work great on social media, but they have nothing to do with marketing a construction business.

Your images need to convey the same message that your headline and headings say. As you’re looking through your design, you should note if there’s a natural flow to your promotion.

Make a note of how the eye moves along the piece and if it’s clear what you’re trying to communicate, even if you don’t read the text.

7. Keep it Simple

There’s no need to clutter your promotional piece with too many images. If you’re working on a website, you may consider having only one image so it loads quickly.

You also want people to know how your business benefits them and have reviews so people who are new to your site can see that your construction business is legitimate and is customer focused.

Take a look at this website to learn more.

8. Test Different Designs

Your first design is rarely your best one.

That’s why you want to draw up different versions of your design and test them out.

You can ask your employees and your customers which designs resonate with them the most. That will be your starting point. Testing is a continuous process, and in order to achieve perfection, you have to have the patience to test one element at a time.

Start by testing different layouts first. When you have your layout nailed down, you can test different headlines, and then move on to testing calls to action.

Promotional Design for Your Contracting Business

When you’re putting together a marketing piece for your construction business, it’s important to remember promotional design.

When you put these tips into action, you’re able to create designs that capture your audience’s attention and gets them to take action.

For more great tips on marketing your construction business, take a look at our blog.