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8 Shipping Tools to Improve Your Order Fulfillment

The cost of shipping has increased by 6% over the past year. For small business owners, the rising prices can be straining. Yet, your customers want to receive their orders on time and in the best condition.  

Shipping is an indispensable part of most businesses. Using the right shipping tools can enable you to track packages and confirm delivery. You’ll save time and money you would have spent following up on orders. 

Want to improve your small business’ shipping process? Use the shipping tools included here to revolutionize the way you send and track packages.

1. Shipping Automation 

Your small business will benefit from logistics automation. With the advancement in machine learning, many tools will allow you to automate your operations. Orderhive is one of these tools that can let you get your customers’ details for easy labeling and billing.  

Automation will reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks. For an upcoming business, hiring employees for order fulfillment might be expensive. Small business shipping can be easier when you automate some aspects of the process. 

Tools such as Easyship have automatic labeling features. You can also use the courier scheduling feature to improve the shipping of multiple packages. Automation addresses the human errors that can make you lose business because of shipping mishaps.

2. Customer Management System

The customer management system is a crucial tool for any business. It involves capturing and analyzing information about your customers to serve them better. For your shipping business, a customer management system will improve the order delivery and tracking.  

The tool should record the name of the customer and the billing address. It should detail the payment method, shipping address, and order number. You can customize your customer management system to highlight the information you deem essential. 

With this information, your customer service will be exceptional. Take advantage of this small business shipping tool and watch your company blossom. You don’t need to invest heavily in this tool.

3. Order Tracking System 

An order tracking system is a shipping tool that enable customers to track their order at each point. When a customer places an order, they want to know if you have filled in the correct order. They will also want to know if the order is ready for delivery and the right pickup time.  

For any business owners, attending to all these queries for each customer is implausible. But thanks to the tracking system, a customer can gain insights through the entire system and process. An efficient tracking system should provide visibility from the time a customer places an order. 

Inventory and sales order management are some of the two crucial components of an order tracking system. Once you implement this software, your customers’ experiences will be on another level. That would mean more business for your company. 

4. Account System Integration

The accounting details of a shipping system can be daunting. An electronic billing system can be an ideal solution. Whether you’re dealing with few orders or multiple orders at a given time, the system promotes efficiency. 

An integrated system saves time in the organization and packaging of orders. What’s more, you won’t make losses because of incorrect addresses. If you’ve been accounting for orders manually, an upgrade is probably the best decision you’ll make for your small business.

Freight Pixel is a shipping firm that has been incorporating several tools. This company utilizes tools that promote shipping efficiency. Accounts management is one of the approaches attributable to growing customer satisfaction.  

5. Delivery Manager

A delivery manager is a tool that protects goods from theft. If you are a small business owner, a delivery manager is a solution that can protect your business. Cases of stolen orders can damage your reputation. 

With a delivery manager, your customers can rest easy once they make an order. This program is one of the shipping tools that redirect packages for customers to pick them at convenient locations. Even when a customer is away on vacation, the order remains safe.

Besides the delivery manager, you can improve the safety of your customers’ orders by having porch lockboxes. Agree with the customer on the best way to deliver the order to reduce cases of missing items.

6. Alternate Deliveries 

Your customers do not necessarily want home deliveries. Software that supports alternative options for deliveries is a must-have for small businesses. You will save yourself the stress of having to deal with the wrong deliveries.

The UPS Access Point is one such program. UPS have developed the program so that their clients can have options on preferred locations for deliveries. The software also prevents loss of items when away from home.

When you develop such a tool, use your customer’s information to add preferences. The upgrade will be beneficial for you and your loyal clients. 

7. Stamps.com 

If you incorporate Stamps.com for your shipping, your invoicing will improve extensively. The software allows you to check your client’s address book and update the weight of packages. The software further enables you to print labels at a go. 

Other features of Stamp.com include delivery confirmation and insurance. The program stores the history of deliveries making referrals easy. Your customers will appreciate the efficacy of this tool. 

8. Enterprise Shipping System

The enterprise shipping system is among the latest shipping tools that allow users to control the mode of shipping. With this software, your employees can choose a cost-effective carrier. It also gives you an option to establish the delivery date. 

You don’t need a complicated system to do all the work. In fact, you can control the deliveries remotely. The software is ideal if some of your employees are working from different locations. 

Shipping Tools Will Help Your Small Business Deliver Orders on Time and In Perfect Conditions

You need to implement some shipping programs, whether you operate internationally or domestically. The shipping tools will enhance the efficiency of your company. You’ll save time and money while at it. 

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