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8 Smart and Economical Ways to Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

If you’re paying too much money for prescription drugs, it’s time to put your foot down. Companies are raising the prices of these drugs to the highest price possible whenever they can just to fill their pockets. And as the rich get richer, the sick get sicker.

This is because many of us cannot afford expensive prescription prices, but we also can’t afford to lose our health. So, what is the solution? If large companies won’t lower prescription drug costs, then we must find our own ways to save. 

If you’re in a situation where the prescriptions you need to live a healthy life aren’t affordable, then continue reading. It’s time to take your health and take your wallet back. Here are 8 ways that you can save on your prescription drug costs!

1. Pay with a Rewards Credit Card

A good way to get money back on any purchase made is to use a rewards credit card. There are several different rewards credit cards that offer their own kinds of rewards. For instance, you may enjoy using a rewards credit card that has travel perks, or maybe you like a point system where you can eventually make purchases with accumulated points. 

There are also some that offer cash back rewards. Think about which card suits your lifestyle the best and go with that one. If you can keep your card paid off to avoid interest and only use it for gas and prescriptions, then you give yourself a way to not only make easy payments on your prescriptions, but you also earn back. 

2. Open a Rewards Card with the Pharmacy

Many big-name pharmacies offer a rewards card of their own. And most times, their rewards card is also valid for use around the store as well. This is a great way to stock up on points each time you pick up your prescriptions. 

Once the points add up, you can usually take those points and put them towards one free prescription or free and discounted stuff around the store. Ask your pharmacy what type of rewards card program they offer and what all the perks are. If yours doesn’t offer this type of program, you may want to consider switching to someone who does.  

3. Compare Prices of Pharmacies

Speaking of making a switch, other than looking around for pharmacies that offer these rewards, also look into different prescription pricing from each pharmacy. Some pharmacies will have the same drugs at a cheaper price. Take the time to call a variety of pharmacies, including the ones in local grocery stores, and compare the prices. 

You might also want to consider switching to a mail-order pharmacy. Be sure to include these on your list when calling around for prices. Mail-order pharmacies usually offer prescriptions drugs at a cheaper cost, and they deliver them right to your door. 

It saves you a trip to the store and chances are they’ll mail you out a three-month supply. Check with your health plan about which mail-order pharmacies are covered.

4. Compare Prices of Drugs

While comparing prices of pharmacies, you’ll also want to compare the prices of the drugs themselves. Talk to your doctor about other options if the price is too high. There might be another prescription that is used to treat the same condition but much more affordable. 

There are generic brands of prescription drugs that will be cheaper than the name brand and will most likely offer you the same results. Although the generic brand is usually not much different from the name brand, there could be a slight difference in the drug, and that’s why it’s best to speak to a doctor first.

5. Ask for a Larger Supply

Not all plans will cover a larger supply of the prescription. But, if they do cover a larger supply, then you’ll want to go that route. This way to save works best for prescriptions that you’re planning on taking long term.

Rather than having only a 30-day supply, ask your pharmacy about a 90-day supply instead. This saves you from making a co-pay every 30 days. The pharmacist should be able to put in a request for the 90-day supply and he or she will let you know if it goes through.

6. Find Coupons

Look for coupons that come directly from the manufacturer. Big manufacturers with expensive prescription drugs may offer a coupon savings program. They must do so in order to stay in the game with other manufacturers. 

Check out the manufacturer’s website and see what coupons they have to offer. 

7. Look into Patient Assistance Plans

Sometimes you may not qualify for the coupons savings programs due to different factors. But, there are patient assistance plans or programs for people who are low-income or uninsured. You can look at the manufacturer’s website for these programs or even search for the prescription through resources that direct people to these programs. 

You can find essential drugs such as a generic eliquis through these assistance plans. Most plans offer a set monthly price at a more affordable cost, and they’ll ship them to your home. 

8. Seek a Different Plan or Help From a State Program

When all else fails, consider seeking out a different plan or seeking out help from a state program. Whether you’re on a Medicare plan or other type of health plan, there may be more options for you. Do the research and see if there’s another option that works better. 

Don’t forget to look into what assistance your state has to offer. There are several states that help those with lower incomes pay for their prescriptions. It’s worth your time to do the research. 

How Can You Lower Prescription Drug Costs?

If you’re looking to lower prescription drug costs, then you’ll want to do your fair share of research. Take the time to compare pharmacy prices, drug prices, and health plans. And if there’s a coupon or rewards card available to you, then don’t hesitate to use it! 

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