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8 Smart Sales Prospecting Tips for Your Event Display Business

Are you having trouble attracting as many sales prospects as you need? Have no fear! Click here for 8 smart sales prospecting tips for your event display business.

Today, techniques such as marketing automation and inbound marketing have gone a long way in helping businesses generate new leads. They have streamlined and enhanced the sales process.

But that doesn’t mean you should drop traditional techniques such as sales prospecting. This process involves generating new leads from a clean slate. When you start, you have no contact data or any leads.

That’s sound hard, right? Actually, no.

That’s why this post is going to share some smart tips for prospecting to help you generate quality leads,

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1. It’s Starts with Research

You offer a service or sell products. This automatically means you have potential local and online customers. Your problem is how to identify them and convert them into actual customers.

First, create a buyer persona or a list of potential customers. Review their public assets and profiles, such as website, social media pages, and press releases. This will help you identify something that they are missing or they use regularly.

Research also allows you to learn more about your potential customers’ interests, hobbies, and preferences. It will also help you find a commonality, which can be a great conversation starter.

2. Leverage Online Interaction

Social media is a great way to get to learn your prospects and build your network. Plus, they also learn and know you. Here, the idea is that you’ll get better reactions from your potential customers if you seem familiar.

As such, be sure to interact with your buyers on social media. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great platforms you should give priority. For example, if you sell displays for expos and events, you can share graphics and images of your products. You can view here for more ideas.

Like and share prospects’ posts and tweets. Don’t forget to leave comments. These activities help to generate awareness for your company. Sharing content with them also helps you to establish your company as a thought leader.

3. Attract them to Your Website

At this point, you have identified several platforms that most of your prospects use. Now, you need to attract them to your website or landing pages. The goal here is to prompt them to share their contact information, such as email and phone number.

Creating authoritative posts and sharing industry reports is the ideal way to do so. Your prospects will willingly share their details if they love what you share. Focus on creating content materials that resonate with your target audience.

This can video, blog posts, case studies, white papers, and infographics. The quality of your content will attract the right clients. Don’t forget to use call-to-actions in your content to encourage your visitors to leave their contact details.

4. Start with Email

What’s a better way to bolster the relationships you have already created if not email?

Email allows you to get the message directly to your prospects. Plus, it allows you to personalize your message to suit the specific people you want to read it. It also gives you the opportunity to introduce and propound your value proposition.

If what you are offering is a fit for your prospects, they’ll be inclined to respond or forward the email to the right person in their organization. Your message will help your prospects determine if they should call you, request a demo, or schedule consultation.

5. Make that Call

This is the most challenging yet crucial part of the sales prospecting process. The truth is, it can be difficult for your prospects to pick up your calls. Plus, you’ll never know if your prospect is having a good day.

But as a great salesperson, that shouldn’t scare you. After all, you have to pick up your phone for something to happen. First, identify the right time of day to prospect regularly.

When calling a prospect, avoid calling them almost at the same time every time. Instead, vary your calls to improve your chances of connecting. Try in the morning, mid-afternoon or early evening.

6. Always Be Straightforward and Confident

“Why are you calling me?” is usually the first question that comes to your mind whenever you get a call. It’s a natural intuition.

You should expect the same from your prospects. As such, always have a response ready, and it should be straightforward and specific. Knowing the details about your prospect will also help you customize your message.

During the call, try to avoid hard selling as it fails to work most of the time. Allow your prospect to get curious and ask you questions. Also, always have your notes in front of you when calling.

7. Develop a Post-Call Strategy

Sales prospecting never ends with a single call.

After hanging up, log relevant details and feedback in your CRM. Make notes that will be important to cover during your next call. Also, log the details of the service they are using if it’s a competitor.

Make sure to follow up later in the day after calling your prospect. This is important if you promised to send them additional details and materials about your service.

Also, listen to the recorded calls with your colleagues or manager to get feedback.

8. Use a Referral Program

Once you have earned some customers, be sure to develop a good referral program. Having such a program means you want to offer more value to your customers.

Happy and satisfied clients and customers will provide you with more referrals. This, in turn, will help you cut down the costs and time you spend on sales prospecting.

Also, collect feedback from your existing clients to help you improve your service.

Sales Prospecting – Final Thoughts

Prospecting for clients doesn’t need to be a difficult task if you have the right information, tools, and strategy.

Take the time to plan and always anticipate objections. Sales prospecting doesn’t mean every call you make will be successful. Some people won’t pick at all, and that’s normal. Instead, you should stay focused on selling value to attract the right leads.

Do you have any thoughts or ideas on sales and prospecting? Feel free to share them in the comments.