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8 Ways To Advertise Your Business To Get More Clients

Does your business need more clients to help pay the bills? Here are 8 ways to advertise your business to get more clients that won’t break the bank.

Does your business need a boost?

Customers are the life-blood of any business. They keep you and your staff employed. Even if you provide the best services in your industry, if people aren’t aware that you exist, you’re in trouble.

Start generating more business by taking your advertising to the next level. There are ways to improve your advertising strategy without spending a lot of precious capital.

If you want to let people know about the services you have to offer without breaking the bank, there are some simple ways to do it. Check out these eight ways to advertise a business to get more customers.

1. Build a Website for Your Business

Have you created a website for your business yet? If not, you’re missing out on the opportunity to promote your business online.

Even if your website is relatively simple and straightforward, it will help you bring in new customers. The bare essentials for your online presence include:

  • Your business name
  • A list of your services
  • Your contact information

There are other ways to make your website more effective. For example, targeted SEO ensures your website shows up when people search for the services you provide.

Check your website regularly. Small businesses like Mr. Wright are successful, in part, because of their effective websites.

2. Hand Out Flyers Promoting Your Business

While a website is a great start when it comes to advertising, you shouldn’t limit your advertising to the digital world.

In addition to starting up a website, you should also print out flyers, business cards, and other promotional items that you can use to promote your business. You should hand them out around town or stick them on people’s windshields to let them know you’re here if they ever need you.

3. Hang Signs Offering Your Services

Is there a particularly busy intersection in your city where people are always stopped at red lights?

Make a sign advertising your business and hang it on a telephone pole in that general vicinity. Even if the sign is just a laminated piece of paper with your contact info on it, you’ll be surprised by how many people will see it on a daily basis. You’ve seen the “We buy houses” signs, right? Most of their business comes from these signs.

You may need to replace your signs from time to time, but you can pepper your city with them and actively promote your business to people.

4. Place a Sign for Your Business on Your Vehicle

Outside of placing signs around your city, you should also turn your vehicle into a traveling billboard for your business.

Create a large sign that you can hang on your vehicle promoting your business. The sign can be as simple as a magnet that you put on the side of your car or as intricate as a full wrap that covers your entire vehicle.

Either way, it will allow you to promote your business when you’re driving all over the city. People will start to recognize your name more and more when they see you driving down the street.

5. Using Social Media As A Way To Advertise

Social media is the best way to promote your business without spending a dime.

You should start Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for your business and use them to promote your services to potential customers.

You can:

  • Offer exclusive deals to those who “like” your handyman business on Facebook
  • Share an update on a challenging repair job you just finished on Twitter
  • Post before and after photos of a job you finish for a customer on Instagram

Make sure you ask your customers before posting information about your work with them on social media. Most clients won’t care, but it’s a professional courtesy to make sure.

As you can see, there are all kinds of ways to use social media to score free advertising.

6. Network With Other Businesses in Your Area

When you start a business in your city, it’s important for you to network with other small business owners in the area as often as you can. You might be surprised by how often they can send business your way.

For example, you’ll need to use a handyman at some point. Not only do they keep your office space running, but they keep your employees safe. Handymen work all over town for every type of customer. Talk to the handyman, and see if he knows anyone that could use your service. You might even be able to work out a deal where you and the handymen “suggest” services to other clients.

Networking is vital to almost any small business owner, but it’s especially important for the average handyman.

7. Take Out an Ad in a Local Newspaper

Unlike most of the other tips listed here, this one will likely cost you a small amount of money. But it will be well worth it if you’re able to create an ad that stands out.

You should consider creating an ad that includes a coupon or special offer for anyone who mentions the ad when they call you. This will let you know how effective your print advertisements are.

You should also consider using internet ads to sell your services. You can target them at those living in your area who search for certain types of businesses online.

8. Ask Friends and Family to Recommend Your Business

As a small business owner, a lot of your business is probably going to come through word of mouth recommendations. When you do good work for people, word will get around and other people will start calling you.

If you don’t have much to show for your business just yet, you should ask your friends and family to help you with advertising. Do some free work for them and then ask them to show it off to others who might want to take advantage of your services.

This will put your business on people’s radars and help your business to grow.

Inject Life Into Your Advertising Today

Starting a business from the ground up and turning it into a successful enterprise can be challenging. If you want to make sure you give your business every chance to succeed, you should utilize these ways to advertise to the best of your ability.

Check out our blog for more tips on running your small business effectively.