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9 Essential Tips for Office Spring Cleaning

Clutter and disorganization wreak havoc on your productivity at work. In fact, the average office worker spends more than a week out of each year looking for supplies and missing items around their desk.

That’s the equivalent of 40 hours of work time wasted throughout the year.

But there’s a simple way to improve your productivity: cleaning up the office. And with spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get started.

So, what do you need to do to make your office a streamlined and productive environment? Here are a few office spring cleaning tasks to start with.

1. Break the Job Down

When you look at the office as a whole, decluttering and cleaning the entire space feels overwhelming. Instead, break the job down into small tasks.

Separate it into sections. You can do this by focusing on furniture one day and floors the next, or choose a single task you want to accomplish that day.

It doesn’t matter how you break it up as long as you start the office cleanup process.

If you’re trying to organize an entire floor or department, consider getting help from a professional cleaning company.

2. Clear Out Old Paperwork

If you’re like most office workers, you have an abundance of old and outdated paperwork clogging your filing cabinet and drawers. The longer it sits, the more outdated it will get.

Spend a few minutes going through each pile or drawer. Are there documents you no longer need? Did you already digitize the files?

If so, get rid of them. Shred documents with sensitive information like contact information and billing details. Anything else can get recycled.

Once you finish, go through the papers you need to keep and organize them into files. This will keep them from becoming a major cluttering issue in the future.

3. Go Through Your Supplies

Office supplies…you know you need them. But be honest with yourself.

Do you really need all those loose paperclips floating around in your desk? The answer is probably “no.”

Take a moment to go through your office supplies. Place loose paperclips in a plastic bag or cup to contain them. Test your ink pens and toss the ones that no longer work.

If you still have some unused supplies or notepads taking up valuable space on your desk, consider taking them back to the supply closet.

You can always grab a few when you need them. But otherwise, they’re just taking up space on your desk.

4. Create a Single Junk Drawer

When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to shove everything off the top of your desk into a drawer or three. While effective in the short-term, it turns your desk into a giant junk drawer.

Instead of shoving clutter into whatever drawer your hand lands on, pick one and stick to it.

Once the drawer is full, go through the items inside and ditch the ones you don’t need. Avoid the temptation to turn another drawer into a junk drawer. This will only make it harder to stay organized and can damage your productivity.

5. Dust Each Surface

Even the cleanest office space collects dust. And the thicker the dust, the dirtier your space looks.

Worse, it can make you look unprofessional to clients and lazy to your coworkers.

Dust each surface with a microfiber cloth. But don’t focus on the flat surfaces alone. You’ll also need to dust your computer, lamps, statues, and decorations.

If you have artwork on the walls, give the frames a good wipe down and clean the glass with an approved glass cleaning solution. If you do nothing else, getting rid of dust will make your space look far nicer.

6. Disinfect Whenever You Can

Believe it or not, your office is full of germs. And many of them won’t get you sick, but a few could.

Disinfect items like your computer mouse, doorknob, drawer handles, and light switches. And stay on top of it!

Clean those surfaces at least once a week. This will help you combat cold and flu season more effectively.

7. Clean Up Your Computer

Your physical office is only one part of your workspace. You also rely on your computer every day.

But if your desktop has a bunch of miscellaneous files taking up space, it can slow you down. As part of your office decluttering efforts, clean up your desktop.

Create folders for frequently-used categories. And only leave documents you need immediate access to on the desktop.

8. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

Your floors see a lot of wear and tear, but you probably don’t clean them often. Grab a vacuum and thoroughly clean the floor.

Move furniture if needed to suck up all the dust and dirt that falls off your shoes. Once you’re done vacuuming, you’ll know if it’s time to start deep cleaning your carpets and floors.

Not sure where to start? This handy carpet cleaning cheatsheet will help.

9. Make Office Spring Cleaning a Daily Routine

Deep cleaning your office a few times a year is a great idea. But it’s not enough to keep your space spic and span. You need to make cleaning a daily routine.

At the end of the day, tidy up your desk. Organize your supplies and put miscellaneous junk in the junk drawer. Throw out trash as it builds up and clean your dishes every day.

At the end of the week, dust the surfaces and disinfect your office before you leave. This way, you’ll be ready to start your week off on the right foot with a clean and tidy office.

Final Thoughts

Office spring cleaning is a simple way to get your space organized and decluttered. But the cleaner you keep it each day, the more productive you’ll be. Use these tips to help you set a solid decluttering and cleaning schedule and see how your habits change.

A clean office is a happy office. But you don’t have to go it alone. Let us help you take the stress out of your office organization methods.