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A Complete Guide to Means of Effective Ecommerce Advertising and Marketing

1 in every 10 purchases that consumers make occur online. That number is continuing to trend upwards as necessities like food and clothing are being sold with more ease via eCommerce.

For the uninitiated, eCommerce is a fancy word for conducing “commerce electronically.” It means selling things over the internet.

As consumers become progressively interested in making online purchases, more people are flocking to the eCommerce space which is making it hard for sellers to cut through the clutter and drive meaningful volumes of sales.

The solution to this problem is leveraging effective eCommerce advertising strategies. Below is a micro-sized yet complete guide on advertising mediums that are worth using.

Digital Advertising

You’re selling products digitally so why not lean on digital in your eCommerce advertising? Here are some of the most popular ways to drive sales online:

Social Media

On social media, you can attract your product’s audience by posting content that’s relevant to them. Once you’ve earned their trust, you can then tastefully promote your eCommerce store. Social media also has powerful paid advertising mechanisms.

Search Engine Advertising (PPC)

Search engines like Google and Bing sell ad space in their search engine results. A well-done PPC (pay per click) campaign can flood thousands of people into your eCommerce store.

Platform Ads

If you’re selling your e-commerce merchandise on Amazon or eBay, advertise on those platforms. Getting more exposure for your listings on your sales platform is a high converting means of eCommerce advertising that agencies like Stryde eCommerce marketing and others leverage to drive substantial results.

Content Marketing

Write blog posts relevant to your target consumer and put them on your website. Search engines will see that content and send more visitors to your website to read your work.

At the end of each of your content marketing pieces/posts, ask readers to check out your relevant products.

Go Local

Not all eCommerce advertising needs to be conducted digitally. Start thinking outside of the modern marketing box to get local leads in ways that nobody else is thinking of via these strategies:

Hand Out Fliers

Do your products sell well to college students? if they do, get offline and head to your local college campus.

There, you can hand out fliers with special discount codes for students.

Put Up Posters

Whether you put up posters on college campuses or out in your community, a poster on a telephone pole can draw eyeballs and get traffic to your website. Just be aware of local ordinances as you might get written up for vandalism in some areas.

Take Out a Billboard

If you want to break your eCommerce brand into the “big time,” scrape together your marketing dollars and take out a billboard in a high traffic area. Billboards not only raise brand awareness but also instill a sense in people that your company is doing well.

Using the Right Ecommerce Advertising Channels Can Make or Break Your Business

We hear stories every day about people getting rich through eCommerce. All of those people invested their time and money in rolling out outstanding eCommerce advertising campaigns.

Use our guide to effective marketing mediums above and follow in their footsteps!

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