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Baby It’s Cold Outside….. Top 3 Common Reasons Your Furnace Is Not Working

Did you know the average furnace replacement costs $4,255 according to Home Advisor at https://www.homeadvisor.com/cost/heating-and-cooling/install-a-furnace/

What if you go to turn on your furnace because winter is here and BAM you suddenly discover it’s not working?

If you find that your furnace is not working when you’re freezing you might just have a simple fix.

Check out these 3 common reasons your furnace is not working and how to prevent them.

Top 3 Common Reasons Your Furnace Is Not Working

Having your furnace checked annually will prevent the furnace from working when you need it most. One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning are efficient and offer a thorough tune-up https://www.onehourac.com/heating-repair-charlotte-nc/

1. Thermostat

First, make sure that it’s set on “heat.” Yes, it sounds silly but more people than you think don’t realize this is the problem.

Second, check the batteries on the thermostat. It might be as simple as changing the batteries that been sitting there since last winter. 

Third, try turning the fan switch to “on” to force the furnace to start blowing air.

Fourth, check to see if there is an error code that you can use to troubleshoot. Modern thermostats usually will flash a code immediately at any sign of an issue.

2. Air Filter

Changing the air filter can be an easy solution to your problem. This is something that is they aren’t changed routinely they can get clogged up in turn not allowing the furnace air flow. 

Check to see if the filter is clean and then make sure that all the vent registers are clear of any obstructions. It’s highly recommended to follow the manufacturer’s directions on how often to change the filter.

3. Fuse Box

Make sure that your breaker isn’t flipped in your fuse box. If the breaker has tripped then your system will have no power going to it. Once the break has been flipped back make sure that there is power going back to your thermostat and outdoor HVAC unit.

If the breaker keeps tripping it might be time to call in a qualified electrician to see if your home has an electrical problem.

When Is It No Longer a DIY Project?

After going through the 3 common reasons and your furnace is not working yet then it might be time to contact a trained HVAC contractor. Any furnace no matter how new it runs the risk of combustion or a gas-related safety hazard.

A professional would be able to examine the furnace and recommend the best route to take to avoid any scary situations. Experts recommend doing seasonal maintenance and cleaning to prevent it from leaving you to freeze on a freezing night.

The furnace can be a forgotten system until it suddenly stops working.

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