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Bed in a Box: How to Buy a Mattress Online Without Testing It First

Problem #1: Your bed is worn out. You can’t sleep at night and your back hurts all day.

Problem #2: Mattress salespersons are the devil. They see your desperation and offer mattress after mattress until you’re too exhausted to care any more. Then, they’ll overprice and upsell and keep adding fees until they’ve squeezed out every last cent they can get from you.

They may not pair you with the right mattress, but you can bet they’ll make it hard to return the one you get.

It would seem the solution is to avoid the sleazy salespeople and get a bed in a box online. But that still leaves one more problem.

Problem #3: How do you choose the right bed in a box without testing it?

Solution: Read this guide. To solve all these problems and rest easy, follow these tips for choosing the perfect mattress online.

Let Go Your Fears

Obviously, the biggest objection to the online bed in a box is that you can’t test it first. What you may not realize is this is always the case when shopping for a mattress.

Think about it. It doesn’t matter if it feels good after laying on the demo bed for 15 minutes. That probably means the bed was designed to feel comfortable enough for 15-minute demos.

It may feel very different after laying on it for 8 hours.

The bottom line is that a 15-minute mattress demo is not an accurate indication of a good bed. You won’t know for sure until you get it home and sleep on it.

Get One With Free Trial Period

So, why not get it home and sleep on it? A lot of online mattress retailers offer a free trial period.

it’s not uncommon to see a free 100-day trial offered with your online mattress. This is the best peace-of-mind you can get when mattress shopping. Just be careful to research any shipping, other fees, or policies that may be associated with returning a mattress during the trial period.

Or, if you prefer, you may be able to demo the bed before shipping it home. Many companies that sell mattresses online also have physical showrooms where you can test the mattress yourself. See if the retailer has a showroom in your local area.

Check User Reviews

User Reviews are a much better indicator of mattress quality than the in-store demo, anyway. You can read exactly what customers thought about the mattress and if it was worth the price they paid for it.

The pros and cons of each mattress are plain to see. Most online reviews clearly display an organized pros and cons list right at the top. You can easily review point-by-point the best, and worst, features of any mattress you’re interested in.

Also, no one mattress is right for everyone. These reviews will also help you discover which type of sleepers prefer each mattress.

Most online retailers will display product reviews on their website. In fact, you should beware of any retailer that doesn’t allow reviews on their site. It’s never a good sign when businesses don’t want you to know what customers are saying about them.

Research Brands

Aside from user reviews, you’ll find professional reviews on product/company review sites. Sites like these can give a more comprehensive comparison of brands and products than individual customers.

They’ll describe which mattresses are best for which types of sleepers. You’ll also find out which ones are best for their price.

For a complete look at your options, check out blogs that compare mattress brands in addition to user reviews. This guide is a very good example and a good place to start.

It may also be helpful to check out Consumer Reports and to search the business on the BBB.

Figure Out What You’re Doing With Your Old Mattress

Here’s an easily-forgettable point you really don’t want to forget. Most local mattress stores offer to dispose of your old mattress for free. But that may not be the case with your online mattress retailer. 

So, what’s your plan when UPS drops your new mattress on your doorstep? If you don’t have an answer yet, let’s go over your options.

If you look into it, you may find that your online mattress merchant offers free mattress disposal after all. But, you definitely don’t want to ditch your old mattress right away, anyway.

Remember: you want to take advantage of the free trial period. If it doesn’t work out, and you have to send your new mattress back, you’re going to need something else to sleep on. 

The best plan is to keep your old mattress until you’re sure you’re keeping the new one. Then, either donate it or have your garbage service take it to the dump.

If you don’t have space for both, get a comfortable air mattress as a “just-in-case” option until the trial period is up.

For Goodness Sake, Check the Return Policy

As with any type of mattress shopping, always cover your butt. That is, make sure you’re taken care of for a long, long time.

This is a long-time investment, after all. At least, that’s the hope.

What happens when the 100-day trial period is up? What if day 101 turns your comfy new bed into an uncomfortable sinkhole? Your new mattress may be not unlike the demo bed that’s only comfortable for 15 minutes.

Trial periods aside, how long does your online mattress company protect you from back pain and sleepless nights?

Always research what warranties and extended warranties are available. Find out what is covered and for how long. If the coverage is decent, you should probably sign up for the works.

Choosing the Best Bed in a Box

Skip the sleazy sales tactics of the in-store hassle. Use this guide, go online, and spring for bed in a box. Follow the tips above for hassle-free shopping and a perfect night’s sleep. 

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