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Best HVAC Marketing Tips

10 HVAC Marketing Tips You Need to Know in 2018

If you want to grow your HVAC business in 2018, then you can’t afford to miss this article. Click here to discover 10 HVAC marketing tips you need to know about.

If you’re an HVAC service looking to start your own business or looking to grow your HVAC business, you need to have a marketing strategy in place.

Marketing is going to give you more visibility and more customers.

Here are a few HVAC marketing tips guaranteed to generate more leads and help you succeed in your business.

Have a Website

The first thing you need to do in HVAC marketing is to have a website.

You need to have a place to get customers into and it needs to say a few things about who you are, the services you provide, and how they can get a hold of you.

There’s a lot of things you can do to optimize the website so that it converts your site visitors into leads for your HVAC business.

For this, you need a well-designed website. You may need to have a special web design firm do a custom site for you.

Ideally, in the service industry, you know that the only reason people are coming to you, to begin with, is that they’ve got a problem.

Therefore, you need to make it easy for people to know what problems you can solve for them and what areas you specialize in.

For an HVAC company, it could be fixing their air conditioners in the best way possible. Discover more HVAC marketing ideas.

Plan For SEO

The second thing you need is a search engine optimization (SEO) plan.

There are some of the basic things you need to do to optimize your HVAC business site searches by the time the site is launched or your site will have no value at all.

You need to ensure that every page has a page title, page description, and metadata (h1 and h2 headers).

You also need to have schema markups so that everything is written in a way that the search engine knows what they’re looking for.

All your images need to have alt text because Google doesn’t actually see a picture, it just sees what you’re describing the picture as.

The downside with SEO, while it’s incredibly powerful for finding your customers on an ongoing basis over time, is it takes time to develop.

However, once you’re managing those things on a weekly or monthly basis, you start seeing great results and massive returns for your company.

There are other things that you can do to help your SEO value over time.

These include improving your content by writing great blogs, getting links and directories, integrating into referral engines and managing your knowledge database. All these things are important and time intensive.

Paid Advertising

This is a very popular HVAC marketing strategy which involves using AdWords or Bing Ads.

An HVAC company is among the most competitive service industries.

Your competitor is probably paying a lot of money to get their ad shown instead of yours. In most markets, you’re probably overpaying for your ads.

With Google’s recent search changes, you may find that six of the first things you see on a Google landing page is the result of AdWords before you even get to your first organic SEO result.

You want to make sure you’re optimizing the entire experience. When your website’s done well and your SEO are great, it actually makes your AdWords price lower.

This is because you are giving a better customer experience overall and that’s going to get you a better price when it comes to the AdWords auction.

If you do AdWords smartly, you will get many inbound leads.

Only pay for it when you need it and if you’re smart about you’ll see great results.

Make Use of Social Media

HVAC internet marketing requires you to be on social platforms. As a service company, you might not see many direct conversion results from social media.

You might not see many inbound leads coming in from your Twitter profile or your Facebook profile.

However, social platforms have two big benefits. One, you’re actually present where your customers are.

Facebook users at a workplace or during a day are so many. Almost every person that you will encounter is on Facebook in some capacity.

Facebook is a great spot to be providing great tips on things like preventative maintenance or even offering discounts/coupons for your Facebook customers.

Give them value, show that you’re a part of their community and that you’re willing to help.

When you’re always being present in front of your customer providing help and insight, you’re going to be the first person that they call as soon as something goes wrong.

Being active on social platforms also has tremendous SEO value for your website. Actively participating on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook helps your site rank better, which means more customers for you.

Curate Online Reviews

You need to cultivate online reviews as they are gold for your business. Your reviews will help you make more money.

The reason why they’re so influential is that Google/Bing care mostly that you’re taking care of their customers.

If they see that you’re always getting great reviews coming in, they’re going to help more customers find you by helping your site perform better.

Online reviews are also going to turn your customers into billboards for you as they say how great of an experience they had with you.

When people are trying to find their next service provider or the next time their HVAC goes out, they’re going to evaluate companies based on reviews.

If your company does not have great reviews, chances are your customers will go somewhere else that does.

You, therefore, need to have great reviews and a processor system that helps you get them, track them and measure them.

If your company is not using them, you simply won’t have traffic. If you do have a process to get reviews and keep them coming in on a sustainable basis, you will find that your business will make more money.

HVAC Marketing Made Easy

Discussed above are some effective tips that you definitely must cover to have a fully developed HVAC marketing plan.

Ensure you have a good website backed up by SEO, paid advertising and online reviews. Also, make use of social media platforms for your HVAC business.

Make use of these tips and you are guaranteed to success in running your business. For more information, contact us.