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Beyond Cannabis: Your Complete CBD Oil Health Benefit Guide

Because of strict regulations, CBD has been overlooked by the medical community as a natural remedy and nothing important. The truth is, however, it’s a robust and powerful medicine with a variety of applications. And, as more information becomes available, this extract is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

CBD oil, like so many emerging industries, is geared for bigger and better things. Join us today, for our complete CBD benefits roundup, and get ready to learn more about its applications as a medical treatment.

Pain Management

If there’s anything CBD oil is most known for, it has to be its analgesic or pain relief properties. Once it enters the body, this chemical interacts with receptors in both the brain and the immune system, reducing inflammation. The upshot of this, whether you use a CBD pain relief rub, tincture, or ointment, is rapid relief from a variety of pains. 

And you don’t even need the extract. Simply reach out and find a high CBD strain list from your nearest dispensary, and you’ll be able to save yourself money in the long run. Whether you’re looking for CBD lotion benefits or something less refined, you’ll be amazed at its pain management uses.

Anxiety Relief

CBD is most often used to treat severe psychological problems. There is, however, growing evidence that it is actually highly effective at treating mental health conditions as well. And chief among these is anxiety, which affects 40 million adults in the US aged 18 and older.

CBD oil can be used in therapeutic treatments, reducing subjective anxiety in patients. It reduces social anxiety disorder-related anxiety, impacting the brain’s limbic and paralimbic areas.

Taking this a step further, finding the best CBD for depression is a great way to manage clinical or psychological depression.

Heart Health

CBD’s anxiety-relieving effects can have a huge impact on stress-related shifts in blood pressure. Male volunteers, more at risk for heart failure, took single CBD doses, showing lower blood pressure before and after severe stress.

Combating Cancer

Increasing research has shown the viability of CBD as a Cancer treatment. This can be seen in a number of ways, with CBD and some of cannabis’s other compounds showing an antitumor effect. Moreover, they can also expedite tumor cell death in the case of colon cancer and leukemia.

CBD has also been shown to work actively against the spread of cervical cancer cells. Studies are, for the most part, pre-clinical, not conducted on human test subjects yet. The findings, as a result, are promising, but in no way should they be considered proof of CBD as a cure for cancer.

Diabetes Treatment

You might not know this, but CBD oil can actively reduce diabetes risks. Researchers have linked the effects CBD on non-obese female mice prone with rates of diabetes diagnoses. The results show infection rates at less than a third of those in untreated groups.


Seizures are usually the result of dramatic, unexpected electrical fluctuations in the brain. In recent years, the anti-seizure properties of CBD have become widely known, with recent studies confirming this link.

CBD medication tested on epilepsy patients was shown to slow and often stop the associated seizures that come with the condition. This kind of relief can be invaluable to someone suffering from a chronic illness, improving their way of life and, sometimes, even saving it.

Your Complete CBD Medical Roundup

Ultimately, what we know about CBD as a medical treatment option is increasing every day. It’s an exciting time, and the results in the treatment of various serious medical illnesses have been encouraging to say the least. And, with so many types of CBD to choose from, there’s a strain and potency out there for everyone.

For more complete CBD roundups, as well as the latest from a host of other industries, check out some of our awesome blog content. Alternatively, get in touch with us to learn more about our expert business services, today!