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Beyond the Realm of Cyber: 5 Physical Security Measures Every Business Needs

The global market for physical security is set to reach $125 billion by 2019, mainly driven by demand for technologically advanced security solutions.

Having adequate physical security is vital for business success. This will help to protect your employees from harm and prevent loss of property through theft or damage.

There are so many things you can do to give your business the level of physical security it needs. Check out these five physical security measures every business should have.

1. Video Surveillance

Security cameras have become a staple for modern businesses. These cameras help businesses to track activities on their premises 24/7. For example, you can use video surveillance to watch vehicular traffic at the parking gates.

Video surveillance provides video footage that can be used to catch offenders. The continued surveillance provided by security cameras also helps to keep an eye on managers and employees. This can help to boost workplace productivity.

2. Perimeter Fence Wall

A solid perimeter fence is one of the best lines of protection for any commercial property. It helps to restrict access to the property, but also keep out prying eyes. Concrete and brick wall fences are perfect examples of solid fence walls to build around your property.

Keep in mind that the height of a security fence is equally as important as its strength. You can check your local building department to know height restrictions for commercial fences.

3. Top Security Locks

Doors are one of the most common entry points for burglars. That said, it is important to secure the front door to your commercial building and other exterior doors with high-quality security locks designed to thwart break-in attempts.

There are many different types of commercial security locks on the market. Consider talking to a qualified locksmith to know which type of locks are best for your business.

4. Security Guards

Having security guards is a great way to keep potential intruders off your property. The presence of these guards also gives staff and customers a sense of security.

Security guards also help to ensure a fast response in the event of a security breach. They can also pinpoint potential entry points that intruders can use to enter your property.

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5. Security Lighting 

Some businesses focus too much on indoor lighting at the expense of outdoor lighting. This is a huge mistake. The outdoor lighting of your commercial premises is just as important as the indoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting can help prevent intruders from entering your property undetected, especially at night.

Installing security lights at strategic locations outside your property can go a long way in improving your business physical security.

Take the Right Physical Security Measures to Protect Your Business

Security is essential to the growth of any business. Physical security strategies that work for another business may not suit your business.

Before choosing physical security measures for your business, you should first establish what your needs are. This can be a daunting task, so consider consulting a business security expert.

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