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Business Sense: When to Fix Computers and When to Replace Them

Are your office computers starting to give you problems? Certain issues require simple troubleshooting. Some, on the other hand, requires a technician who can fix computers.

The average cost for repairs per hour is somewhere around $120 to $150. This means if you have a busted hard drive that takes two hours to fix; it will cost you around $300.

But there are cases when a complete replacement makes more sense. So how do you tell if you need to replace your office computers ASAP?

Continue reading below, as we try to dig deeper into the matter.

When to Fix Computers

As we mentioned earlier, there are cases when hiring a computer technician can get the job done. Here are some signs that you need to contact one:

1. Slow Performance

If you notice that your office computer is starting to run significantly slower than normal, it’s time to call a technician. There are several factors that affect the speed of computers. Old desktop computers are likely to slow down.

The lack of RAM also affects speed. Too many programs and applications that are heavy on resources are also factors.

Or it can be an early sign that your computer is starting to fail.

Regardless of the reason, a technician can get to the bottom of the problem. Expect him to make some tweaks to speed up the computer.

2. The Blue Screen Appears

If you see the dreaded “blue screen of death,” get in touch with your computer repair guy immediately. The blue screen means something serious is happening to your computer. There is a problem that needs immediate attention.

The causes of having a blue screen can reach hundreds. Let the technician identify the nature of the issue and give you an accurate diagnosis.

3. Running Hot

It is normal for your office computers to heat up during use. But if the heat becomes excessive, you need to call the technician right away.

In some cases, the computer may have too much dirt inside. The technician can easily open it up and brush off the dust.

Sometimes, the cooling system may no longer be working. This usually results in noises coming from the fan. If the computers shut down by themselves, then you badly need a technician to look into it.

4. Acting Weirdly

It is normal to experience errors happening on your computer. These errors often come with an error message. Generally, a normal rebooting will do the trick.

But if your computer still continues to act weird for a number of times after booting, you better call your technician immediately. You also would want to hire a technician that offers fast turnaround times like FruitFixed. Get more information here.

5. Virus Attacks

Computers and viruses are like a package deal. It is normal for viruses to hit your computer systems every once in a while. This happens when you fail to update your antivirus software.

Keep in mind that more than 50% of virus attacks involve security breach. This means your confidential office files are at risk if you don’t take out the virus. If the virus still remains after running the antivirus program, let the computer technician take over.

6. Unexplained Noises

If you notice your computers churning out noises that you weren’t hearing before, call a technician right away. The weird noises may come from a failing fan. It may also mean that your hard drive is dying.

The sound may also be the BIOS telling you that the memory is missing. Or it can simply be your speakers acting up.

Your friendly computer technician should pinpoint the cause of the noise.

When to Replace Your Computers

On the flipside, there are signs that will point you to a complete replacement. Here are some of them that may tell you that it’s time to replace your old computer systems in the office.

1. Software No Longer Updates

Offices that offer accounting or web development services require the latest computer software. If your computer hardware keeps you from using the latest software, it may be time to upgrade to new computers altogether.

Some software plays crucial roles in terms of automation and data analysis. Unfortunately, old desktop computers may no longer enough processing power to run newer software.

The same thing applies to the operating system. If you can no longer run the latest operating system, then it’s time for a new set of office computers.

2. You’re Spending Too Much on Repairs

Check your spending when it comes to the repair and maintenance of your computers. Are you spending too much because your computers fail often? If the answer is “yes,” then you better consider replacing your old computers with new ones.

If your hardware is still under warranty, use the warranty before it expires. This will save you hundreds of dollars. But if they are way past the warranty, a replacement should be in the pipeline.

3. It’s Aging

The age of your computers is one of the biggest reasons why you need to consider taking the replacement route. The rule of thumb is three or four years. If your computers are beyond that age and they start to give you problems, it is time to upgrade to new ones.

To recoup some of your investment, you can try to sell your old computers in the secondary market. You will still find potential buyers online. That said, don’t expect to get a lot in terms of the asking price.

4. You Cannot Connect to New Gadgets

Some businesses rely heavily on some of the latest gadgets. Unfortunately, older computers may no longer have the capability to accommodate them.

Older computers may no longer adapt to a superfast router. They also cannot pair with your new 4K monitor. Or you may no longer connect your smartphone that uses a USB-C plug.

5. You’re Out of Space

Lastly, you may need to replace your old computers if they are running out of space. Check out the RAM and take note of the CPU usage. If you are running only a few apps but the CPU usage is already at 80%, it means your computer is running out of space.

Sure, you can buy external hard drives. But if you want to be more cost-efficient in the long run, you should consider a replacement.

Get a Qualified Technician, Today!

If you are experiencing any of the problems above, you need to find qualified technicians who fix computers professionally.

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