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Do you have a growing business that has become more financially demanding? Here’s how you can finance your business in just a few easy steps. Having an incredible business idea and allocating the funds to make sure it succeeds are two completely different things. It’s not enough to have passion and vision if you can’t [...]

In the world of business, time is money. Stop wasting hours processing payroll and decoding pay stubs. Here are 5 ways payroll companies help simplify payday. If you run a small business, there’s likely some kind of payroll work involved. Currently, you may be doing all the payroll work yourself. But you might be surprised [...]

Here we look at different ways you can make electronic payments for B2B expenses. But is it really worth it? Read here for pros and cons of electronic payment. Non-cash transactions between 2014 and 2015 rose 11.2 percent, the highest growth of the past decade. That’s because electronic payment is easy, seamless, and can be [...]

Payroll is not a core function of your business. Read on to discover how to save time and get back to growing your business by outsourcing payroll. By now, many of our business endeavors come from individuals or teams outside the office. There’s a reason we’re seeing a flux of marketing, IT, and even administrative [...]

Tips for Declaring Bankruptcy in the U.S. No one wants to do it, but if your business is failing, sometimes filing for bankruptcy is the most financially sound decision possible. Read this guide to discover the how, why and when of bankruptcy. Over 38,000 businesses filed for bankruptcy in 2017. This is a larger number [...]