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So, you need a new set of wheels, but the prices of brand new cars make your eyes water. Why not look into the used car market? Buying a used car is a more affordable option than buying new. If this sounds good, but you are asking yourself just what to ask when buying a [...]

On average, roughly 6 million car accidents occur in the US per year. These accidents range from minor fender benders to accidents involving injuries and even fatalities. Not every car crash results in a personal injury claim, but there’s almost always the risk that it will–whether it’s you filing the claim or the other party. [...]

Driving a car is one of those scary things about modern life where you can take all possible precautions to be safe and still end up in an accident. You can’t predict the future, and you can’t control others’ actions. However, it’s possible to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to keep yourself safe should you [...]

“Is it possible to sell my junk car for cash? Who would buy it and how do I do it?” If you’ve got questions like these, we have the answers. And here’s the first one: yes, you can get money for your broken-down clunker. Even better, we’re going to show you how to do it. [...]

Are you having problems when driving in the rain? Did you know that the US experienced 16,988 deaths due to vehicle accidents in 2019? Being a driver, it is your responsibility to drive with safety on any given terrain. Most people are often caught off guard by the rain, though, and causes them to have [...]