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According to one study, the average income of people who buy private jets is around $1.66 billion. Whether you’re buying a private jet for personal reasons or your business, there are so many benefits to having your own plane.  If you’re thinking about how to buy a private jet, there are some things you should [...]

Buying an airplane may seem as though it would be little more than a pipedream to most people. But you might be surprised to learn that buying a plane isn’t quite as expensive as you think. Although there are lots of larger airplanes out there that will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are also [...]

People are always looking for faster and more convenient options to travel. Private air charters offer that. Passengers can skip the long lines at airports and get on a private jet without having small children scream and kick the back of their seats. That opens the doors of opportunity for you to start a new [...]

Have you ever wondered what keeps commercial airliners in the sky? Aside from lift from the wings and thrust from the engines, there’s a lot of technology that makes planes fly farther and more efficiently than ever before. Even the best pilots need assistance to guide their commercial planes when they’re coasting at 38,000 feet. [...]

Travel means adventure! But to get there, you’ve got to board a tight airplane space with a bunch of strangers for hours on end. How do you get through it with your sanity? There’s a right way and a wrong way to be an airline passenger. All you have to do is follow some airplane [...]